SpywareGuard 2.2 released!

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by javacool, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. damian2005

    damian2005 Registered Member

    Incidentally, considering the lack of updates, is it still worth running Spywareguard?
  2. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    I certainly wouldn't want to be without it.

    A good explanation why the infrequent updates in the link in #261. ;) :D

  3. damian2005

    damian2005 Registered Member

    Thanks once again. Read the post and understand - I thought that something like that might explain it. :)

    Being really cheeky now, and understand it is not in the 'remit' of this forum, but while I have a knowledgable ear :D I keep getting a German message: Es trat ein fehler bei Getlog text auf fehler: 6 Overflow. The last thing to download was a java plug in and game. Any ideas how I can get rid of it? Please ignore if this is starting to feel like the Spanish Inquisition!
  4. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    Well if u can translate that then post it over in this subforum,


    i'm sure someone will come along with an explanation. ;) :D

  5. damian2005

    damian2005 Registered Member

    nice one yet again Snowbound :D
  6. dsranger1

    dsranger1 Registered Member

    Is javacool going to release an updated version of spywareguard, or updated definitions for it? I use both spywareguard and spywareblaster, and spywareblaster continues to receive updated definitions, but spywareguard is still using defs from 1/22/2004, which at this point is 21 months old. Since the only other free program providing realtime spyware protection using defs. is Microsoft's, which probably won't be free for much longer, this is an important question for many computer users.
  7. fmhwsf

    fmhwsf Registered Member

    Hi. I just downloaded and installed SpywareGuard. I am trying to decide whether to keep it or not, and whether it is working properly.

    I am working with a new, pristine hard dirve.

    I installed Windows XP Pro. I also have MS Firewall, AVG AntiVirus, MS AntiSpyware, AdAware SE, and Spybot installed. From what I was able to check out, it did not appear that there was a conflict with SpywareGuard and XP and these other security programs.

    It appears to have installed. However, the Shortcut Icon will not open the program. The program does open when I right click on the little icon included in the toolbar along the bottom.

    I don't understand why the Shortcut Icon will not open the program. If this isn't working right, I am unsure what else isn't working right.

    I chose SpywareGuard because of its active realtime anti hijacking feature. If I cannot resolve this glitch then I will likely uninstall it.

    Anyone know anything about this?
  8. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    The desktop icon is only for use if u have exited SWG for some reason. ;) :)

    All the options can be accessed through the SG on the taskbar as u have already noticed. :)

  9. fmhwsf

    fmhwsf Registered Member

    Thanks Snowbound.

    I assume then that I am okay and SWG is working as intended.

    Funny though, I couldn't find this mentioned in the Help files. Maybe I missed it.

    Does it say this in the Help file somewhere?
  10. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    By your first post it looks like u have it up and working fine. :)

    If it is in the help files, i've never been able to find it. :D

    The question about the desktop icon gets asked frequently around here. ;)

    I don't recall but i probably asked that very same question here myself when i first used SWG a few years ago. :D ;) :D

  11. roflmania

    roflmania Registered Member

    spyware guard is one spiffy program :)
  12. fmhwsf

    fmhwsf Registered Member

    Hi. I know I am a newbie with this s/w and apologize if you have heard this question before. Now that SWG appears to be working I am getting repeated SWG windows warning that IE wants to change me homepage on boot up. IE isn't even open. When I boot up, I get the warning. I click accept or reject. Then, it flashes the warning again. Whether I accept or reject the change. It flashes the warning again. It keeps doing this. The only way to stop it is to close the window by clicking on the "x" in the upper right hand corner. This is a little annoying. I would expect a warning to happen once. Then stop after I accept a change or return to the prior URL designation. Is this what is going to happen when I encounter a real attempt to hijack my browser. Am I missing something here? Thanks.
  13. Wayne R

    Wayne R Guest

    Hi folks: I used Spyware Guard 2.2 but the last definitions date I can find is January 22, 2004. Has there not been an update since nearly a year ago?


    Wayne Renardson
  14. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    read here.
  15. H E

    H E Registered Member

    OS WinXP Home SP2. Never before ran SpywareGuard although have used SpywareBlaster for some time with no problems. Installed SpywareGuard 2.2 this a.m. No SG icon in tray. Clicking on desktop icon I get the error message 0x66006041. Am unable to uninstall because I'm constantly told it's still running. Any solutions to the problem gratefully received.
  16. Brinn

    Brinn Registered Member

    Try going into Task Manager and shutting down sgbhp.exe and sgmain.exe. Those are the two processes associated with SG.
  17. Gary Heitkamp

    Gary Heitkamp Registered Member

    Great product. However, as a Software Validator, I always find problems, alas I can never be the plain user. Problem with PASSWORD. Value I thought I specified was not accepted a moment later. Problem solved using the REG tool to reset the value to NULL.

    That is good planning, but I offer suggestion that on PASSWORD setting that a double input be used to confirm what was typed is done so twice in a row. This will save frustration for the end-user. Fortunately, my background provided me the knowledge of how to find an answer that was wisely stated and planned.

    I value the concept that the password is not a guarantee, but an obstacle to complicate compromise of the protection. I did learn that the protection is awesome, as I could not UNINSTALL the product without the PASSWORD. That is superior protection.
  18. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    @ Peter1234,

    I have split your post out of this thread and created one just for your problem to hopefully assist you better. Please follow the below link.

    This link---> SpywareGuard 2.2 and Unknown Publisher
  19. GUI_Tex

    GUI_Tex Registered Member

    Do I need to have both sgmain.exe sgbhp.exe running for it to work.....?
  20. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator


  21. Havoctechnoir

    Havoctechnoir Registered Member

    What are you talking about -- this is very vague and seens offensive as all get out... I'm just a 25 year veteran of the IT community and not part of Javacool -- you make assertations like this you need toback them up! HavocTechnoir! Vanity is a killer Pieter
  22. Havoctechnoir

    Havoctechnoir Registered Member

    My update version always shows the same date. Even with the new release. 1-22-04 forever it has never changed. It appears to succesfully update -- yet the date remains the same. This is even after a a recent rebuils where I wiped the old drive installed an additional and reloaded all programs from scratch. Curious George o_O
  23. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Would you Please explain what you are speaking about and who that comment is directed to :doubt:

    As for the 1-22-04 date....that is the latest database date for Spywareguard.
  24. Pcfreakske2000

    Pcfreakske2000 Registered Member

    Hi all ,

    I'm new on this forum. I just wanted to say "hello" to you all.

    I just installed SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster.

    I used to have MS Antispyware Beta , but I uninstalled it before I installed your two apps.

    I hope it will not give conflicts with Panda Platinum Internet Security , though.

    Let's hope not.
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