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  1. irnux

    irnux Registered Member

    Can any one plz tell me what is the difference between Spyware/Riskware/Adware ?
  2. dvk01

    dvk01 Global Moderator

    Not much

    It all depends on how it's being used

    technically spyware is a program that sends information back to it's controlling server and adware causes advertising on your computer, but frequently both happen so people call it all the same

    Adawre & spyware tend to be interchangeable in use in the real world and riskware are programs that MIGHT have a legitimate use but can also be used for dodgy purposes

    also riskware can be used in cases of programs that download other unwanted programs so riskware is often being used as a general term to cover ALL adware/spyware/ diallers/ trojans/backdooors etc
Thread Status:
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