Sharing wireless key with neighbor

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by msibuc, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. msibuc

    msibuc Registered Member

    Not sure which category to post this under.

    I wonder what the risks are in sharing my wireless key with a neighbor. I have a Qwest DSL modem/router, with Qwest DSL service.

    Besides the obvious risks of them downloading movies and music illegally, etc., I wonder what else I should be concerned with.

    Are there risks (fines, imprisonment, etc.) if Qwest finds out we're doing that?

    How might they access files on my computer, if even possible?

    If I use a VPN to access my work via my DSL, is there any way the neighbor could get to files at work? (I'd think not, but I'm not a hacker or computer scientist, so...)

    Is there any way they could network to my computer without my setting things up from my side?

    Is there any way infections could pass between our computers?

    What's my liability if they do do something screwy (download movies and get nabbed, for example)?

    Anything else you can think of? Thanks.
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  2. Fajo

    Fajo Registered Member

    I Currently Do this for a friend down the street I know the guy well so im not worried about him downloading anything he should not.

    but as to that question there is Nothing wrong with it. but keep in mind its your internet anything that is done on it you are responsible for that means he does something Illegal you are liable for it because it is your Modem that is accessing it and hence your responsibility. so no there is nothing illgeal with it. and qwest wont care but if your friend does something Illegel like download movies and your IP gets snatched by the MPA. then it will be you geting the shutoff notice in the mail from your ISP not him. it also makes you responcablie if the MPA come after that ISP.
  3. msibuc

    msibuc Registered Member

    Out of curiosity, how does MPA even figure out if the neighbor's grabbing music?

    Any thoughts on the other questions? Re networking, files, viruses, etc.?

    Thanks very much for your feedback.
  4. Fajo

    Fajo Registered Member

    Your IP address is logged. that's very easy way for them to find you. read up on Google do a Search for Danger of P2P. that should explain it

    I have never had any problems in the 2 years of doing this tho I trust the one that is on it.
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