SARDU (Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) 2.0.2

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Boyfriend, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. ejames82

    ejames82 Registered Member

    I have been so busy lately, but finally was able to participate in this thread.

    I made a sardu disk about six months ago, but for some reason it doesn't boot any computer i have tried it out on. i didn't throw the disk away because i considered the possibility that it could still offer something beneficial (perhaps data at the very least), however i also made a sardu flash drive and that works beautifully. every antivirus updates and scans properly. The utilities and linux distros also are accessible. obviously, i like the way the flash drive works.

    I think it's great to have davidecosta here at wilders with us. Thanks for your hard work davide. :)
  2. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    Release new version:

    SARDU 2.0.2b

    • Add Blacklist to unit USB
    • Update new Gparted
    • Update new Parted Magic

    P.S. Thanks to ejames82 and thanks to all
  3. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    Everyone know or use Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit? I can add it to SARDU
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  4. atomomega

    atomomega Registered Member

    I know it but barely used it
  5. Boyfriend

    Boyfriend Registered Member

    Thanks davidecosta for update :)
  6. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    Does this require you to download the ISO files from say Avira, Bitdefender, etc before we create our bootable media?
  7. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    Yes, i don't redistribute isos.
    Let me know
  8. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    @davidecosta, SARDU is the best thing since sliced bread, by far the best in its class. Thank you!
  9. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    One question: I crated a bootable Paragon iso (it works fine from the cd) So, I added it to the Extra folder with the name PARAGON and added this to the extra.cfg...

    Label PARAGON
    Menu Label ^PARAGON
    kernel /extra/PARAGON/kernel.dat
    append initrd=/extra/PARAGON/ramdisk.dat vga=0x314 ramdisk_size=40000 quiet

    It's not a big deal because, I can boot Paragon from the cd, but it would be cool if it booted from SARDU. Btw, it shows up in the SARDU boot menu, but does nothing when selected.

    Thanks again,
  10. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    When you boot SARDU you have the menu extra?

    Paragon are commercial software. I not tried it. My job isn't in computer science.

    Let me know
  11. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    I have the menu extra and Paragon is there. But it doesn't work. I have another trick up my sleeve. Actually, the trick is just another iso.

    I just wanted to see if I was doing this right...

    Label PARAGON
    Menu Label ^PARAGON
    kernel /extra/PARAGON/kernel.dat
    append initrd=/extra/PARAGON/ramdisk.dat vga=0x314 ramdisk_size=40000 quiet

    I assume "Label" and "Menu" can be anything and "kernel" and "append" just need to be the name of the iso.

    About Paragon: I'm using the free version of Paragon and really like it so far. I prefer Clonezilla for cloning, but just encrypted my whole Windows partition and now the only way to clone it is dd. Unless, I clone while the system is running. Windows built in backup works fine, but Paragon has more bells and whistles.

    FYI: In case you ever think about full drive encryption...
    Clonezilla before encryption = 77 GB (Clonezilla can read the data and Clonezilla can compress it and doesn't copy empty space.)
    Clonezilla after encryption = 287 GB (Clonezilla can't read the data and resorts to dd copying absolutely everything.)

    So, the only time I would need to boot from Paragon is for a restore. So it's not a big deal at all if it won't work with SARDU because, everything else I rely on does. Either way, SARDU is still the best!

  12. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    Wait a moment :). A simple question. You opened the iso of Paragon (you can use ultraiso or similar)? There is the file kernel.dat and the file ramdisk.dat? How boot Paraon? Which version of paragon is? If this is free you can send me a link with private msg?
  13. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    I just used the iso that came with Paragon. I burned the iso to cd and it works.

    I just opened up the iso and cannot find the file kernel.dat or the file ramdisk.dat anywhere.

    I must be doing something wrong? Anyhow, I'm sending you a PM with the Paragon info.
  14. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    Ok, tried and works fine (i think)

    Extract all file from iso of paragon to the folder paragon
    copy paragon folder into USB
    edit extra.cfg with this entries:

    label Paragon
    Menu label Menu ^Paragon
        kernel /paragon/vmlinuzp
        append initrd=/paragon/initrd.gz splash=silent vga=0x314 medialable=SARDU noapic
    The boot is very slow. The screen appears freezed. You can press esc to see the boot. The system appears freezet in wait for init...after some time tou can see the gui of paragon:)
    Let me know
  15. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    First and foremost, thanks for all your help! Here's what I did and what the results were:

    I extracted "bootcd.iso" to a folder, renamed the folder Paragon, then edited the extra.cfg to match the code from your last post, and copied them onto the usb. I also deleted the Paragon iso I had on the usb from when I was confused. o_O So, everything should be exactly the same as yours now, but when I boot into Paragon and press escape I see "Boot: with a blinking cursor," and then after about a minute it goes back to SARDU menu.

    It's really not that important to me to have Paragon so, please don't invest too much time into it. My arsenal is fully stocked...

    Ativirus Tab:
    AVG Rescue CD
    Avira AntiVir Rescue System
    Dr.Web LiveCD
    Kaspersky 'KavRescue CD'
    Ubuntu MRT Rescue

    Utility Tab:
    NT password
    Parted Magic
    Redo Backup Live CD
    Hiren's Boot CD

    Linux Live Tab:
    Inquisitor Live
    Pupy Linux

    Windows Tab:
    Win XP Recovery Disk
    Win Vista Recovery Disk
    Win Vista64 Recovery Disk
    Win 7 Recovery Disk
    Win 7 x64 Recovery Disk

    All of the above work just fine, and if I had a bigger stick I'd have all of the Windows installers as well. A few may be redundant, but sometimes I prefer Clonezilla directly over Clonezilla in Parted Magic, etc...

    Thanks again,
  16. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    Wait a minute... I was double checking and noticed the path "/extra" was missing from the code you posted above. Well anyhow, I edited my extra.cfg code to look like this...

    label Paragon
    Menu label ^Paragon
    kernel /extra/paragon/vmlinuzp
    append initrd=/extra/paragon/initrd.gz splash=silent vga=0x314 medialable=SARDU noapic
    We're getting somewhere now because, when I select Paragon from SARDU's extra menu I get this...

    Loading /extra/paragon/vmlinuzp...
    Loading /extra/paragon/initrd.gz...................

    And then it goes to a blank screen and really does just hang, I even made some coffee and came back to a blank screen.
  17. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    Rename the folder in paragon (not Paragon uppercase but i don't think that this is the problem)

    You don't see the screen with the written Backup & Recovery 2011?
    If you have a black screen only the problem is vga=0x314. Try to change it. See this or search with google any solution :)

        grub bootloader 'vga=0x???'
    Colours 640x400 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1152x864 1280x1024 1600x1200
     4  bits        ?             ?           0x302         ?               ?               ?                 ?
     8  bits      0x300     0x301     0x303       0x305       0x161       0x307         0x31C
    15 bits        ?           0x310     0x313       0x316       0x162       0x319         0x31D
    16 bits        ?           0x311     0x314       0x317       0x163       0x31A         0x31E
    24 bits        ?           0x312     0x315       0x318         ?             0x31B         0x31F
    32 bits        ?             ?             ?               ?             0x164         ?                 ?
    If you see the blue screen..
    When boot press esc. After all procedure my boot freeze in Wait for init and i have a blink ....after about five minuts is booted fine.
  18. SplinterCell

    SplinterCell Registered Member

    Thanks for a your all your help Davide. I upgraded to the commercial version of Paragon so, the free linux based recovery cd is of no use to me anymore.

    However, just for testing purposes I tried renaming "Paragon" to "paragon" and had the same results, a black screen after...

    Loading /extra/paragon/vmlinuzp...
    Loading /extra/paragon/initrd.gz...................

    Hopefully this will help someone else, but I've moved onto Paragon's WinPE version that has a lot more features.

  19. ruinebabine

    ruinebabine Registered Member

    SARDU 2.0.3 Final
  20. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    i think its worth noting that support for Hirens BootCD has been removed, a big downer if you ask me.

    i now use a program called 'yumi'

    it can do nearly everything sardu can, but the killer feature for yumi is that it can support any boot cd and add it into the boot menu, unlike sardu where its all manual work required.

    i currently have Active@ boot disk and Acronis boot cd along with many other boot cd's on my yumi usb which would have been virtually impossible to do with sardu.

    not that i dont like sardu, i will probably start using sardu again once they add a 'use any boot disk' option like the one curently in Yumi
  21. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    edit- i have not come across any boot cd which does not work with Yumi, all paragon, acronis, WinPE or linux based boot cd's work, simple.
  22. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    I removed only the button of Hiren's, the remainder is the same again
    Why? pressures due to copyright.
  23. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    fair enough about copyright pressure.

    but any chance you can implement 'any boot cd' support like yumi?
  24. davidecosta

    davidecosta Registered Member

    What have Yumi that sardu don't support? Any version of Linux? Let me know.

    SARDU build the USB in one step, support Windows PE (3 1.x and 2 2.x), all free Antivirus Rescue CD (15), all Windows XP in the same USB.....
    SARDU is the thirst (age) multiboot builder for Windows, thirst builder multi installer.... others were born after...
  25. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    true, sardu was the first multi installer and i have been a happy user for many many months and i respect it as a program BUT, i will list the boot cd's that sardu does not support which yumi does, here goes;

    acronis (disk director, true image home etc)
    active@ boot disk
    easus boot disk
    paragon boot disks
    and a few more which i cant remember

    for example, if i want to add acronis boot disk using sardu then i have to add acronis in the extras folder, edit the config file in sardu (which is very difficult for non coders like myself) and then hope for the best, i tried many times but it never quite worked for me
    if i want to add acronis boot disk using yumi then i browse to ISO file, choose usb, press start, rinse and repeat with any other ISO, done, easy.

    edit- my main issue being with active@ boot disk, its my favourite software and there is no way of adding to usb using sardu, if there is it will involve alot of file editing which is no good for me, yumi solves this issue. i was probably one of the first people to use your software david and i really hope you can add support for non supported disks like yumi does, then i will switch back to sardu in a heart beat
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