Sandboxie in Monitor Mode (Will it interfere?)

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by STV0726, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member

    Most certainly due to my maxed out heuristics (but not whitelist mode), when Sandboxie updates it is in Monitor Mode for awhile.

    I haven't thought much of it because Webroot does not seem to hinder it, but do you have any insight as to if the Monitor Mode will interfere with Sandboxie's methods of protection? It's kinda sandboxing a sandboxing program, and since Sandboxie deals with hazardous materials trapped in an environment, I would certainly hope WSA allows Sandboxie to do its thing even if in Monitoring state.
  2. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    I wouldn't anticipate any interference.
  3. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member

    Thanks Joe, you're the BEST! :)

    The only thing I was concerned about was if WSA monitoring would cause leakage of Sandboxie contents.
  4. bembel

    bembel Registered Member

    I wonder why a well known program like sandboxie cannot seem to find its way into Webroots database
  5. Techfox1976

    Techfox1976 Registered Member

    I don't think the database is precogniscient. The program has to exist on customers' computers at all to get fed to the database, and once it is, it needs to come up on more computers to be recognized as "Important to look at". After all, it's all about the new version. The old version is in the database and recognized, but the new version is brand new and needs to be evaluated.
Thread Status:
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