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Discussion in 'Other Paragon Disk Utilities' started by Bodie_CI5, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Bodie_CI5

    Bodie_CI5 Registered Member


    I bought Migrate OS just a few hours ago. Running (obviously!) already pre-installed Win7, on SB platform. GA P67A-UD4-B3 with latest mobo drivers. Mobo has only one Sata3 port, so I installed ocz ssd on that. HDD went to sata2, and bluray drive to the next (and last) sata2 port. Installation of Migrate went smoothly, as did the actual port of the OS after selecting the Windows folder to be ported to SSD.

    At, I think some 36% into writing, I was prompted to restart computer. Which I did, and have come up with the same error as here (redtrigger's):

    (Sorry, can't quote the actual error, am typing from tablet... can't get into computer!)

    I'm unsure what I have done wrong. The problem in that thread went unresolved, so I am unsure what I need to do :'(

    I've tried opting for the AHCI solutions etc. But I just keep on getting the same error. If I select the RAID option, I'm asked to press ctrl-i which brings up the raid configurator, but I don't want to muck things up further, and I rather not go raid, in any case.

    Please help me.

    Not sure if this matters, I had not stopped Microsoft Essentials. The first time I've seen this hint is when I came to these forums to look for my problem.

    Oops! Forgot to say, my hdd is 1tb, the ssd is 60gb
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  2. Bodie_CI5

    Bodie_CI5 Registered Member

    Just as a small aside, I also have been twice able to get to this same error as fellow member nikoli gets:

    I went to windowseven forum where they have a tutorial on how to enable AHCI post-OS install. It seems that as I have enabled it pre-install, as no AHCI drivers were downloaded (I cannot remember whether I had enabled AHCI enabled or not).

    That tutorial is here:

    My value in step 3 was already set to '0'

    This is becoming quite frustrating, as it seems my system should be ready to go.

    Forgot to write, I will replace hdd into second sata3 slot and keep ssd in the other sata3 slot. Would this be making a difference?
  3. Bodie_CI5

    Bodie_CI5 Registered Member

    Last night (Australia time), I sent a please refund email through to Paragon sales. I had attached a 'read receipt with the email - the email was read promptly -, but twelve hours on I've not received any reply. I've since uninstalled 'Migrate OS to SSD' from my computer.

    I've changed all my BIOS settings to what they were. However, the computer now performs sluggishly. I'm not a happy chappy at the moment.

    I will be recompensed, will I not?

    Software was a great idea, but VERY poorly executed, with no support forthcoming. Should anyone browse this forum in consideration to purchase this product, it might best to hold off until a later iteration is released.
  4. Nikoli123

    Nikoli123 Registered Member

    I agree. I have made the decision to just move select programs to the SSD and live with a slower boot time for windows. (about 2 minutes longer than normal). Maybe by the end of 2012 when the technology is supported by more companies and the price drops, I'll look into moving my OS to a SSD.
    Paragon needs to really work on its product, or at least its support for its products. I have already told eveyone I know not to use this software and will continue to do so. We can only hope that others read these reviews and go with another company.:mad:
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