Rollback Is Flawed Period

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by EASTER, Jan 19, 2008.

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    EASTER Registered Member

    I just spent the entire night giving RollBackRx 8.1 one more chance. It was nothing but a complete disaster, and i think it deserves to be bashed.

    I will guarantee one thing, EAZ-FIX is no clone, only in some looks and features, but RollbackRx is a complete disaster and no one is going to convince me otherwise. It made snapshots alright and all that but it locked up my simple reboots solid to force a manual reset each and everytime. Not only that but it somehow destroyed my internet connection too. And too add to it's lousy distortions, my other drive consistenly BSOD'd untill i finally got rid of this crap. Now is all normal again. It left behind in the registry a ton of crap.

    And this all now makes perfect sense to me looking back at how quick they were to have ripped FD-ISR to shreds and monkeyed with what already was a much better product then they ever had seen in their life. Yeah, so why not destroy a PERFECT APP when it's yours now and remove it as the threat it was to their own lousy products.

    I am completely furious and totally disgusted with HorizonSys, and that product will never see the light of day again on any of my machines ever. I'm through with them completely, and i don't care how many gullible users sing it's praises because this app remains terribly flawed and AFAIK is nothing more than a complete waste of time and money. It doesn't take long before a PC starts exhibiting abnormal behavior with it IMO and i don't care if the majority comes out in it's defense or not because i know a stable well written program when i come across one, but this is the worse ISR i have ever encountered and i will never give it a third try again no matter what.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me. Right now i'm ashamed i took the chance again & they have the nerve to push this piece of junk to the public, and just look at what they did to FD-ISR. They are much too destructive IMO and their ripping apart FD-ISR is another proof IMO they are much to incompetent to ever trust.

    I finally got all their garbage out of registry they so conveniently leave behind on Uninstall, which is the only positive i got from this.

    Sorry for the rave, but facts are facts and i'm no dummy to software, EAX-FIX puts it to complete shame. Frustration now over, and so is HorizonSys crafts they peddle.

    ERIC was 100% right-on-the-mark from the start when the transfer changes hands. He already knew what they would do to ruin a good ISR, but theirs much worse.

    It's well worth taking heed to Eric's suspicions because in this case you can take that check to the bank.

    Users can say whatever they want, but EAZ-FIX & Rollback 8.1 ARE NOT THE SAME PROGRAM and thats the truth.

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  2. sukarof

    sukarof Registered Member

    Is that a fact really? I love the idea behind their snapshot technology, but Rollback RX did destroy my confidence by being unreliable. But if it is a fact that EAZ-FIX is not the same code or they have programmed the software better than Horizondatasys I might give it another try.
  3. nexstar

    nexstar Registered Member

    Easter, I think you are right....and wrong....depending on how you interpret different builds of the same software :) .

    I have just downloaded the current demos of both Eaz-Fix and Rollback RX from the main sites for each. I have installed each on virtually identical laptops running identical system images. When I look at the 'About' screen for each, they show the following:

    Eaz-Fix - Version 8.1 Build 2692837387
    Rollback - Version 8.1 Build 2692425739

    To most, this would indicate that RB is at an earlier build than EF but because they are not the same cosmetically then this may not be strictly true.

    You may have seen, in some other threads that I had experienced a problem on going into standby and also shutting down with the latest build of RB. I was advised by HDS to enter 'lockdisk=0' into the System Settings screen in the sub-console and the problem went away.

    So, with my demo systems, I tried putting them both into Standby mode and EF worked perfectly each time and RB failed on each occasion resulting in having to do a hard reset and then having the registry replaced by Windows on bootup.

    I then entered the 'lockdisk=0' setting in RB and it then also worked perfectly on every following attempt. The interesting thing was that, when you enter 'lockdisk=0', it tells you what lockdisk is currently set to. In the case of RB it was set to '2' but in the case of EF it was already set to '0' and is no doubt why EF is not causing any issues.

    As HDS have known about this for at least a month and have even incorporated the information in their knowledge base, it beggars belief as to why they have not replaced the existing build on their site with one that doesn't have this problem.

    So, I do believe that EF and RB are the same software but just at different revisions and I'm pretty confident that if you could bear to re-install RB (on a test system :) ) and changed the lockdisk value then you wouldn't experience the problems which you clearly have.

  4. BlueZannetti

    BlueZannetti Administrator

    I would tend to agree with this, based on what I've seen. If you look at some of the embedded information in the installation and/or application files, it suggests that these have the same origin and that EAZ is the parent source.

    As with any application floating out there with different version levels available, there can be real differences due to those minor adjustments and bug fixes. Ultimately, they merge to a common base, but there will be times lags in that occurring.

  5. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    Easter, I can give that it was fact that RBx didn't do well on your machine. But what you said in the part I quoted is simply your opinion, and you have no basis in fact.

    Yes it could have been HDS, but it also could be that Leapfrog made that a condiditon of giving the distributorship to HDS. Leapfrog may well have been the ones who modified the code. We simply don't know. There are no facts in evidence. Only conjecture.

  6. silver0066

    silver0066 Registered Member


    When are you going to see the light? I have been scolded by you for posting my negative comments about Horizon. The product is a piece of junk and I think that you should quit praising it.

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  7. Coolio10

    Coolio10 Registered Member

    I had a good experience with rollbackrx while i had it. I created snapshots before major installations and it restored perfectly but it eventually took up too much space for my 160GB drive. I decided to uninstall it. This is the second time i had uninstalled rollbackrx and the first time was flawless. This time was the opposite. I first noticed this time the uninstallation was extremely slower and it ended in an error. It corrupted the harddisk and i had to reformat.

    Goodbye to all data recovery software.
  8. C.S.J

    C.S.J Massive Poster

    no problems using Rollback 8.0 or 8.1
  9. BlueZannetti

    BlueZannetti Administrator


    The performance of any piece of software that acts at a system level cannot be fully decoupled from the entire complement of software on that machine. That's true of Rollback Rx and a host of other applications. That doesn't mean it's junk. By the same token, great performance on other machines doesn't mean it's the greatest invention since the byte. It does mean that performance variability will be seen between users. That's why a trial is suggested. It's also why any trial should be undertaken fully equipped to deal with the potential downsides.

    With respect to the comment you are addressing, perhaps you should actually read the original posts in context. They refers to Easter's comment regarding HDS and the fate/evolution of FD-ISR and whether similar - completely speculative and entirely unsupported - comments apply to Rollback Rx. Personally, I have a problem when idle and unsupported speculation is forwarded as implicit fact.

    There are certainly some documented comments regarding less than positive experiences with Rollback Rx. The same can be said for alternate solutions as well. That goes with the territory and there is no issue documenting those experiences. However, a number of posters - yourself included - feel the need to beyond that, which is inappropriate.

  10. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator


    I would be curious where in my post I praised Rollback. I have tested the latest version of Rollback and it was fine. I don't use it, but that is feature related only. Not sure that qualifies as a ringing endorsement.

    Secondly, what I stated was Easters comments about HDS stripping FDISR because it would ruin a "crappy" product, was not fact as Easter stated. It is simply his opinion, and is totally unsupported by any facts. I will challenge anyone who posts that as fact to prove the facts. That is all. And it is only fair to new readers who might not know all the history.

  11. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member

    I sure didn't mean to stir up a storm again over my personal continuing disasters every time i try RollbackRx, but it needs pointing out for potential users of this app.

    Just look at another previously satisfied user of it, Coolio 10's results. And according to this, it was just when uninstalling the app! (Gasp!)

    Now that this user has suffered corruption and needed a format, he's taken a dim view to all ISR's. How many serious bad experiences with it does take to see the light? And how many other users might follow suit?

    IMO, HDS seriously needs to pull it this app from public distribution untill they can either fix it or give up on it entirely,which would probably do better for their rep IMO.

    And who needs a PDF document, the truth is in plain view and is offered by download, they did reduce FD-ISR and thats a FACT, undocumented or by whatever excuse.
    It certainly is substantiated = "to establish by proof or competent evidence".

    But thats now all water under the bridge, lets focus on topic.

    nexstar is offered something of importance in pointing out with RollbackRx theres been offered a WORKAROUND and he offers hard evidence of the comparisons between both apps. Is that the only issue? Who knows?

    It's still remains nonetheless that EAZ-FIX in comparison is a much safer and reliable choice, based not just on one customer's positive results (mine), but from the looks of things, many others too.


    Even Chris won't even use Rx anymore and is opted for a combo which includes FD Rescue if i read him right.

    Plainly put, that app scares me, i'm just glad i uninstalled it before it caused worse damage such as complete data loss or disk corruption like was reported above. Thats it for some of us as concerns HDS creations.
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  12. Long View

    Long View Registered Member

    The get up off your backside and get doing something :D

    Or is this perhaps an example the sort of out of context inappropriate comment that you are objecting to ?
  13. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    But that wasn't because the program was a disaster, but because one feature wasn't working right, and HDS did try and solve the problem, but couldn't reproduce it.
  14. C.S.J

    C.S.J Massive Poster

    people who say the 'software is junk':


    either your machine is screwed already, or you are too stupid to use the software ;)

    this is not a debate, but fact.


    im sure the problems arrived because of mis-use.

    such as creating a snapshot, then another immediately after and deleting the first one, this will cause CORRUPTED snapshots unless you defrag them using the tool built in, before you either reboot or rollback to it.
  15. Hairy Coo

    Hairy Coo Registered Member

    As Wilders Forum is so highly regarded,it seems dangerous and irresponsible to make absolute statements such as calling software junk, because so many readers will immediately accept this as the absolute truth.

    Obviously every system will react differently and in my case,there never was any problem with RBx for years.This is not denying that others did or that there may have been problems.

    When I was trialling FDISR,I found about three seemingly moderate bugs and Shadow Protect,which I bought, has even more.

    I didnt go around spraying them as junk.

    Lets not get too emotional or carried away-credibility is at stake..
  16. huntnyc

    huntnyc Registered Member

    Thanks for that reminder Graham. If I should install Rollback 8.1 again, could you teel me exactly where and how to enter this important setting and thanks.

  17. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Very true.
    What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.
    In my case Rollback Rx has gave me little problems.
    I used to have a small problem with chkdisk but now have no such problems.
    On a few occasions snapshots have become corrupt,but I have read in these forums that it is not just a Rollback thing. In my case the worst corruption was all of my snapshots were gone but I credit that one to a beta I was tring. My baseline was still good so I could boot back to windows and just get my system back to where I wanted it to be. So in that case Rollback saved my a** once again. Although not perfect (what software is) Rollback has worked pretty dam good for me. :D
  18. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member

    The term junk might be a little extreme but FLAWED in my opinion sums it up perfectly right to a T!

    And once again, issues, past & present:

    Here again shows some proof from another that there is definitely been and remains something inherently problematic IMO with their code structure and sorely NEEDS to be re-evaluated again and re-tested in lab or house, because there are simply too many reports of various different issues being reported from one then another user.

    In fair comparison, EAZ-FIX users by the same token don't express complaints of these type problems, so i must object to any references that EAZ-FIX is some clone of RollbackRx, although i wouldn't dispute that it's been more carefully redesigned/modified perhaps from the original source which should be obvious to all by now. Or is it vice-versa? Is RollbackRx actually the clone here?
  19. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    CSJ That is a nonsensical statement. When I tried 8.0 and it was unstable, my machine was screwed up and I was to stupid to use it. But with 8.1 my machine was suddenly fixed, and I got smart all of a sudden.

    As to the action you say caused it, why shouldn't I be able to do that.
  20. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator


    How Lonewolf's post proves your point that Rollback is so flawed sort of escapes me. Your comparison between Eazfix and Rollback also lacks a certain scientific approach.
  21. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member

    Sorry, but it's not my point i'm trying to prove, anyone can see in clear view these different current users as well as previous users results.

    Theres only one science involved in coding softwares, and thats computer sciences or for lack of a batter word, programming skills.

    Why deny the facts when they are plainly in black and white as well as numerous in number?
  22. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    I am talking about the science of sampling. How many Rollback users have problems out of total users, vs how many Eazfix users have problems out of their total users. Tell me you really have some facts.
  23. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Sorry did'nt mean to post "proof" :rolleyes:
    Just to clear things up about losing all of my snapshots, maybe Rollback should have protected them more but it was EMSI's beta of Mamutu that did the job. :thumbd:
    So I would say there was something wrong with Mamutu rather then Rollback.

    Are Rollback and EAZ-FIX clones, just by looking at screenshots of EAZ-FIX it looks identical. Does not mean they are though. If they are clones you ask which came first. Can't tell you that, but then again I can't tell you which came first the chicken or the egg either. :)
  24. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member


    Some get the wrong idea and feel you're just making more of a program's problem than it really is.

    In my case though the exact opposite is true in spite of the frustation, i would like nothing better then RollbackRx to do everything it claims like EAZ-FIX without any problems at all, and after all who doesn't? We already know all about the adage softwares are software and they all experience issues, thats a no brainer.

    But it behooves me to question at length why some seem are not addressed at all, or overlooked, or offer a workaround as a sustitute. Thats fine untill the issues are resolved, but how long can it take?
  25. AaLF

    AaLF Registered Member

    This might be a good time to ask about my problem with RollBack, & that being; Was it me or was it RollBack?

    Here's the scenario;

    I use a strong cleaner called CyberScrub (similar to evidence eliminator).

    Now CyberScrub builds up a pile of rubbish in the C: Drive in the form of temp. files as it goes about its business of 'scrubbing & rubbing' and dumps the temp files at the end of its cleaning cycle. So while Cyberscrub is doing its work its merrily overloading the freespace in the C: Drive but not so much that it stops the PC from functioning, until - Mr. Noseybody RollBack steps in and 'tasers' everything in the C: Drive by taking SnapShots hence increasing the freespace nightmare until everything collapses in on itself like the pending 2008 Wall Street Crash will do shortly.

    So why the nightmare scenario;

    Was it me or was it RollBack?
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