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Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by jasonblake7, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. jasonblake7

    jasonblake7 Registered Member


    Just seen Rising PC Doctor at Major Geeks. Has anyone used this product ?


    The Rising PC Doctor application was designed to be a professional and smart security tool to computer users.

    With its seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices, ability to repair Microsoft Internet Explorer & Windows, Trojan Behavior Detector & Blocker, protection against malicious websites, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download blocker, Rising PC Doctor will greatly enhance your protection against malware and cyberthreats.
  2. ellison64

    ellison64 Registered Member

    As well as a stand alone ,Its part of the Rising internet security suite ,and only supports 32 bit systems.
  3. Jose_Lisbon

    Jose_Lisbon Registered Member

    It's a Chinese company. And as such I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
  4. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    Really, such racism from Jose_Lisbon. Well, your loss for being short-sighted.

    Anyhow, because of no 64-bit support, I can't use this on my computer.
  5. PJC

    PJC Very Frequent Poster

    Nothing impressive...;)
    MBAM, SAS, and EAM are, by far, better products.
  6. tgell

    tgell Registered Member

  7. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    I have used it in the past, does not officially support Windows 7. I never used the scanner I just used the cloud tools and other stuff.
  8. GrammatonCleric

    GrammatonCleric Registered Member

    Well after being busted for creating their own Viruses so they can sell the product I would not touch them from orbit.

  9. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    To be honest I am thinking about trying it again, I always through it was a pretty good product. I was never able to get its real time protection to go off but its cloud process tool and cloud file analysis was pretty good.
  10. Jose_Lisbon

    Jose_Lisbon Registered Member

    Someone said "racist". It deserves no answer.
    I will say: considering the political reality of China, and how a government agent can enter the office of a software maker and ask for... whatever, will you feel confortable using some app from that provenance?

    Take the example of Iobit (I won't go into the MBAM issue).
    If you install the program it will have access to everything in your PC, including outbound data.
    Other programs will do that as well, but... Vladimir putin only wants industrial and political secrets (as everybody does).
    Beijing may want to know if you watch pictures of naked women or of naked men.

    Paranoid? So be it.
  11. PC__Gamer

    PC__Gamer Registered Member

    The fact you think all the others companys dont do this is funny. :argh:
  12. Jose_Lisbon

    Jose_Lisbon Registered Member

  13. PC__Gamer

    PC__Gamer Registered Member

    lol, your showing me an article that an AV company has wrote?

    they may not shout and scream about it, but they all do it - They all create their own viruses. Period!

    and sorry to say, some of these DO! 'leak?' out...

    leak/released (Whatever!) lol
  14. Jose_Lisbon

    Jose_Lisbon Registered Member

    The point is not who wrote the piece but the reasoning behind it.
  15. DaLynxx

    DaLynxx Registered Member

    On a side note, the http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=288773 link with the "Manufactured-their-own-viruses" story, referred to above, is pretty difficult to "get to the bottom of".

    The sources of the event is difficult to track down and the interpretations of the different sources seem to evolve and change for every blog/forum "jump" it makes.

    It is nonetheless interesting to compare how http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/47371/ reports the story with how the blog at http://torisefromashes.blogspot.com/2010/02/chinese-antivirus-giant-rising-bribe.html describes the line of events.

    It seems to be the same "Yu Bing" pinpointed in the two descriptions, but the descriptions of why he was sentenced diverges... Was it to have
    a) been bribed (by Rising) to release fake warnings of viruses to make ppl buy Rising's product (and btw the virus was made by Rising themselves)?

    b) Being bribed (by Rising) to make life miserable for the rivaling company Micropoint and by doing so having the Vice President of Micropoint thrown into jail based on fake/crafted evidence...

    I don't have the answer to that question I'm afraid...
  16. Extraterrestrial

    Extraterrestrial Infrequent Poster

    [A very convenient software to have]

    Pros: nice interface and easy to update.

    Cons: downloading of window update is very slow

    Summary: over all this Rising PC Doctor is very handy

    Downloaded from here
  17. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    Still no Windows 7 support?
  18. Extraterrestrial

    Extraterrestrial Infrequent Poster

    Supports 32 bit systems.
  19. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    Do you work for Rising? I was informed that it did not support W7. According to my testing it does not fully support it either.
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