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Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by PrevxHelp, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    I always use this link and never download the final when it becomes final I just leave as is but mine always says RC even though it has the same Build number and if I leave it this way even if it's for a couple of months then if there is another RC or Beta mine will AutoUpdate to the new version! Also I'm not saying that you do it that way it's just the way I do it! ;)

    I never use this link to download!



    Edit: See Bold area!
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  2. pling_man

    pling_man Registered Member

    I see, thanks Triple Helix. It seems from what you're saying that Autoupdate only works when you have Release Candidate showing in your GUI next to the PrevX 3.0 logo. I will do the same as you. (Bold noted!)
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  3. CloneRanger

    CloneRanger Registered Member



    Short/simple and descriptive info such as this is most welcome, and exactly what people require. I'm certain publishing that elsewhere would help a lot more people understand it very quickly :thumb:

  4. leofelix

    leofelix Registered Member

    Hi there,
    Updated to - Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

    PREVX RC within Opera 10.50 doesn't recognize any website now

    I rebooted 3 times, I also set Opera as my default browser: Nothing changed.

    While within Virtual Player 3.1 (XP mode) Chrome 4 works fine with prevx

    OS. Windows 7 Ultimate Edition fully up to date (in italian)
    latest SUN Java JRE, Adober Reader and Flash Player installed.
    Browsers installed: Firefox 3.6 (default),Opera 10.50, IE 8.0
    Other security programs:
    Gdata Antivirus 2010
    MalwareBytes' AntiMalware pro 1.44
    PC Tools Firewall Plus 6.0.88
    Winpatrol 2010
    (WOT and adblock plus. no script Firefox add ons)

    ISP: Alice 7 MEGA Telecom:mad: Italia (I use Google DNS - Alice Telecom Italia uses Interbusiness network)

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  5. johncage

    johncage Registered Member

    pre-configured policy(security configuration : ALL"Maximum")
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  6. Clive T

    Clive T Registered Member

    Works without any problems here with Opera 10.50
  7. leofelix

    leofelix Registered Member

    Glad to know it.:)

    May I know what Windows O.S you use and if it is a 32 bit or 64 bit version?

    I use Windows 7 ultimate Edition 32 bit and I installed PREVX over PREVX Safe OnLine given away to PREVX facebook fans.

    Thank you in advance

    @ PrevxHelp

    Windows Explorer hanged when I tried to cut and paste some image files from desktop to image folder.
    I had to reset my PC.
    Could PREVX have detected a suspiciuos keylogger activity maybe?
    Or do you think it is just accidental?

    Thanks again
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  8. leofelix

    leofelix Registered Member

    Test on a 64 bit machine

    I've just installed PREVX x64 in my laptop with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit.

    While Safe Online plays well with Firefox 3.6, IE 8 (32 bit) and IE 8 (64 bit), it is not displayed in Opera 10.50

    I have also rebooted twice: still no changes

    Other security software installed:

    ESET NOD32 v 4.0.474 (Ita)
    MalwareBytes' AntiMalwware pro 1.44
    PC Tools Firewall Plus 6
    Task Catcher
    JavaCool SpywareBlaster 4.2
    SandBoxie 3.44 (x64)
    (UAC disabled and Windows Defender real time protection turned off)

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  9. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    SafeOnline will currently not integrate into Opera or Chrome on x64 PCs. We will have this added in one of the next releases, however :)
  10. Romagnolo1973

    Romagnolo1973 Registered Member

    some italian user with Kis installed have continous crash with prevx using IE8, no metter if they use Firefox or Opera
    it happens on xp 32 and even seven 32
    Kis 2010 version .736, IE8 last updated, prevx RC or official is the same issue
    Can you control please kis 2010.736 end prevx surfing web with IE8?

  11. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    I really like this version I'm not finding any problems with my 2 systems and even with my 3 VM's!

    I like the fact that we can move the tab where we want it I'm not having any problems entering my info on Banking sites like I use to have it works well on all 3 Browsers that I use Opera 10.50, FF 3.6 and IE8 and If I need to take a screen capture on a HTTPS site I just disable Prevx and take my shot and then re-enable PSO. Of course this is on 32bit systems!

    Thanks Joe and pass it on to the Prevx Team! :thumb:

  12. PC__Gamer

    PC__Gamer Registered Member

    its sounding all too much like my HMP what-if software, x64 getting shafted to the back. :blink:

    no offense, but things like this just really REALLY ~ Snipped as per TOS ~, not having a go directly at you Joe but i see this trend on a few of my softwares now, subscription software & it does wind me up, anyone else?

    I think releases/betas shouldn't be released unless they are in-line with its x64 version.

    I'll probably end up still using IE8 anyway, its secure, has PSO and seems to be the most compatible with different kinds of websites.
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  13. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    :doubt: Opera has a ~2% market share, and 64 bit PCs have a ~10% market share. Combined, that means that one in every 2,000 people will run into the instance of it not showing in their default browser. I know it isn't ideal to not support all browsers all the time, but we have to prioritize our efforts based on who is most likely to benefit from them and we've been focusing on the other 1,999 users who would be using SafeOnline.
  14. PC__Gamer

    PC__Gamer Registered Member

    lol i understand Joe, Just dont like seeing the x64 version falling behind. :)
  15. Motherroad

    Motherroad Registered Member

    How do you move the tab? Not able to do this on XP.
  16. pegas

    pegas Registered Member

    Hi, did you already try RC .104 with Opera 10.51? Unfortunately I have to second you and say that no websites are recognized but in IE8 SafeOnline works like a charm.
  17. leofelix

    leofelix Registered Member

    Yes I did, please have a look here

    Did you install PREVX RC over PREVX Safe Online given away to facebook fans maybe?
    If so, uninstall completely PREVX, reboot and reinstall a fresh copy of PREVX Safe Online
  18. pegas

    pegas Registered Member

    Thx for info. I did a clean install. I have been a few month without Prevx. So any clash with previous Prevx version was not possible to happen. Also tried reinstall but the result is the same - non working SO in Opera 10.51 :-(
  19. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    Just open the tab in any Browser that is supported and then drag to where you want it!


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  20. Motherroad

    Motherroad Registered Member

    Thanks. It worked!
  21. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    Great! :thumb:

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