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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by ChrisP, May 17, 2007.

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  1. ChrisP

    ChrisP Suspended Member

    I purchased RegCure by Paretologic a few days ago as the product is locked in that it will only list errors in the registry but not repair them until it is unlocked.

    Upon entering the license key It then revealed that I had purchased a time limited temporary license for my $35!! At the end of the period, the product will not work again!

    There is no mention anywhere on their website or order form that it is a temporary time limited licence - just says you must register to use it fully.

    I dont have a prob with an AV or AT having an annual license as it relies on a reguarly updated database etc - but this is a simple registry cleaner.

    I have contacted their support team, but they have just ignored my communications - no reply.

    Their Marketing Director Amanda pops up in this and other sites saying how they offer refunds, are always keen to have feedbacek etc etc - but the truth of the matter is I have contacted her directly via Wilders and she also has ignored me.

    I want a refund as they have failed to describe the license proprely. If they had described what they are selling accurately, I would not have purchased it.

    Be warned - in my experience, ParetoLogic are a company to avoid. Behaviour like theirs needs to be stamped out and businesses like them closed down.
  2. Tony

    Tony Registered Member

  3. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    I used RegCure for a while last year. At first I thought it was a decent reg cleaner. Then, all of a sudden it stopped working (Paid Version) I contacted support at, no reply. Then I wrote a nasty e-mail explaining that they were quick enough to take my moola, but stagnate when replying to a problem... I received a reply two days later w/ a new license. Re-installed the app and then the problems started. MS Office no longer updated, other small problems arose. I contacted MS about the issue w/ Office and was advised that several apps, including RegCure were a possible issue. I re-installed my backed-up .reg files from RegCure and was back in business. Since then its been deleted from my software list. I get stellar (safe) results from JV-16 2006 & Tune-Up 2007 although sometimes I also use PC Tools Registry Mechanic.


    btw: I have zero, zilch, nada experience w/ ParetoLogic. My issues were w/ and the registry cleaning app RegCure. I'm speaking about the app itself, not so much the outfit that distributes it. I just thought I'd add this so the in-experienced will avoid the app RegCure.
  4. steve161

    steve161 Registered Member

    From the website of the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island

    ParetoLogic Inc.
    1827 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8R 1J6
    (250) 370-9229
    (250) 370-9266 (FAX)

    Paretologic recieved a satisfactory rating from the VI BBB.
  5. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    I also learned this lesson with another registry cleaner. I ran it and a couple weeks later my office updating was a mess. I now stick with RegsupremePro. I can just run it and to date it hasn't failed me. This is an inherent danger of registry cleaners. You may not discover the ill effects for a while.
  6. steve161

    steve161 Registered Member


    Agreed, I found out the hard way, using a cleaner that was well thought of at Wilders. Thank God for system restore. Any given program may act differently on different comps. I'll take my registry a little dirty and use reg cleaners that are not so aggressive.
  7. screamer

    screamer Registered Member

    Truer words were never spoken

    This also applies to "other Tweaks" we perform on our systems: disabling services, group policy editing...

  8. Perman

    Perman Registered Member

    Hi, ChrisP: If I were you, I would contact BBB in Victoria, B.C. Canada directly, telling them your treatments given by this Shark. I can assure you that your problem will be resolved before you know it. That BBB 's address and phone # is listed on post #4. There was a similiar problem reported by member re: registy mechanic by pc tools- they will charge fees to your credit card account on annual basis if you did not read their fine print on web order form carefully enough. :D
  9. steve161

    steve161 Registered Member

    Hi Perman:

    The address and numbers are actually for Paretologic. Inc. But if you search "BBB Vancouver Island" you will find the website.
  10. sukarof

    sukarof Registered Member

    Thanks for the warning I┬┤ll keep that company on my blacklist from here on :ninja:
  11. Notok

    Notok Registered Member

    When it comes to registry cleaners, there is really only one that I trust, and that's the one from Macecraft (jv16 Power Tools, RegSupreme, and RegSupreme Pro - all the same cleaner, but bundled with different tools). Not only is it the only one I trust, but it is also the most reasonably priced. Some will go with CCleaner or other free ones, but Macecraft is the only one I know of that makes use of the central server to identify dangerous keys that might be removed (and omits those).

    There are a lot of scam registry cleaners out there, and I think this is one type of software, above all others, that you really have to go with one you trust, unless you really know your stuff regarding the regsitry.
  12. ChrisP

    ChrisP Suspended Member

    They have now contacted me and offered a refund. I have purchased RegSupreme now - cheaper and better and license lasts forever. I dont know why Paretologic try it on like this. Not doing themselves any favors. I also have their Antispuware product. not sure how good it is, but seems fast and light. It has been pipped at the post by AVG antispyware in picking things up though.
  13. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    ParetoLogic, the one of XoftSpy ? ParetoLogic is on my blacklist for quite some time. This company can't be trusted.
  14. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Never would I ever put any of this companys crap on my PC. Read to many negative things about them. Same company as Xoftspy.Not a good thing. My advise is to stay away from them. far,far away.
  15. ChrisP

    ChrisP Suspended Member

    Just as an update - they have now disabled all the software i purchased from them but not given me a refund.

    Paretologic - a bunch of scammers. Im going to spam every newsgroup, post to every website I know of to ensure people know what sort of business you are.
  16. Perman

    Perman Registered Member

    Hi, folks: They really dare to do this to you on Canada's Holiday-Queen Victoria's Birthday ? How low does this action can go ? They offered you a refund and swallowed their words. How dare could they? I would contact their local BBB to voice your concern, to root them out from there. Brocasting thru cyber media may not accomplish too much, most viewers will treat your voice as a way of crying blue. By logging your complains w/ BBB, there will be a permanent record stored there if they do not settle dispute with you satisfactorily. Good luck, use your cool head.
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