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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by TheKid7, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. TheKid7

    TheKid7 Registered Member

    I am looking for a good MP4 software player for Windows? What do you recommend? I prefer minimal footprint. I tried to play a streaming MP4 video on the web today and it would not work because I do not have a MP4 player.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. doktornotor

    doktornotor Registered Member

    Not really sure what you mean by MP4 player... Get ffdshow codec and use whatever you want to play. If you want a light one, then I'd suggest Media Player Classic HomeCinema.
  3. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member


    VLC Media Player

    Both have a small foot print and can play almost anything you throw at them. They have built-in codec support so you do not need to download any codecs.

    Edit: These two will allow you to play a .MP4 file on your computer, but if you need to see a streaming video inside your browser, you will need to use whatever software the streaming server is streaming in. For example, adobe Flash player can stream .MP4 videos, and if the sever is streaming such a video, then you can only see the video by installing Flash.
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  4. TheKid7

    TheKid7 Registered Member

    Thanks everyone.

    I already had VLC installed on my PC's. I forgot that VLC would play MP4's. I did not have MP4's associated with VLC, but I do now. I have now allowed VLC to run in my Sandbox. However, I cannot get any of the car repair videos on the following web page to play. Is it a web site problem or do I have a problem with my PC?

    Thanks again.
  5. doktornotor

    doktornotor Registered Member

    For this, you need quicktime browser plugin installed. If plays fine on my (sandboxed) SRWare Iron 5.0.326, am I using Quicktime Alternative Lite (Google for it).
  6. Cutting_Edgetech

    Cutting_Edgetech Registered Member

    Media Player Classic. Been using it for over 10 years. It comes with k-lite mega codec pack which will play just about any video media. You can get it at this link
  7. Tony

    Tony Registered Member

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is what i use nowadays for all movie/video.
    Plays everything i have ever tried and a very low footprint. :thumb:
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