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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Trooper, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Trooper

    Trooper Registered Member

    Hi folks,

    I know that recently Wallwatcher has stopped development etc. I was wondering if there are any programs out there that are similar? Hopefully one that works with my new Netgear WNDR3700 router.

  2. Sully

    Sully Registered Member

    I have yet to find anything that competes with WallWatcher, providing your router is compliant. I searched for a replacement about a year ago, but did not find a worthy successor.

  3. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    Not quite sure what you're looking for exactly (darn, I'm getting old....)

    Maybe LinkLogger?
    Blake (developper of LinkLogger) is a very active and highly respected member at DSLR, for example at DSLR-Security:,1

    You might also have a look at the DSLR forum "Hardware By Brand":

    Maybe something from KIWI:

    Wouldn't it be better to have this in the "Other Firewall section"?
    Well, it could be here or there or in other hardware; it can be in all those forum sections, but I for one would prefer it in "other frewalls"'; well of course up to the mods ;)
  4. Heimdall

    Heimdall Registered Member

    I've been playing around with Syslog servers for a day or two, currently I'm looking at Powerful Syslog Server for Windows - Syslog Watcher | SnmpSoft Website It's freeware and seems pretty powerful, so far.

    Kiwi do offer a freeware version of their Free Kiwi Syslog Server from SolarWinds but I wasn't that keen.

    You could also take a look at the offerings found here

    Installing Cygwin is another option, then you could run something like Running Syslog -NG on Windows - Event and Log Management - Logged There are others.
  5. Creer

    Creer Registered Member

    Did you try this:

    You can also try test WW with different port settings:
  6. Trooper

    Trooper Registered Member

    Thank you for all of your help with these ideas and links. Time to start sorting them out and testing!

  7. Trooper

    Trooper Registered Member

    Anyone else running this with Windows 7 x64? Ive tried but had a lot of install issues. I registered all the OCX files but still no go.
  8. Heimdall

    Heimdall Registered Member

    What problem are you having?
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