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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by duke1959, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. duke1959

    duke1959 Very Frequent Poster

    Quick question. Is there a need to have Kerio Firewall's, Application Behavior Blocking enabled when using Processguard Free, or ProcessGuard? I like PG Free better than System Saftey Monitor Free, because it is easier to understand, and can be used on a Two User Account. I just want to make sure of a few things before shelling out any money. Thanks ahead of time, as people in this Forum seem very kind.
  2. Dazed_and_Confused

    Dazed_and_Confused Registered Member

    Hello, Duke. :)

    I use both PG and KPF. I have KPF's App Behavior Blocking turned off because PG takes care of this. I believe PG does so in a more comprehensive manner. I guess the ultimate would be to have one app that does absolutely everything (AV, AT, Firewall, etc), but then your putting all your eggs into one basket. I want my firewall to just be a firewall.
  3. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    With PG, u don,t need Kerio,s application behaviour. PG will ofcourse cover all those things in more better way.
  4. Bob D

    Bob D Registered Member

  5. duke1959

    duke1959 Very Frequent Poster

    Thanks everyone. What if I tried Zone Alarm Free for just a Firewall along with PG Free for now? I know there has been some problems with ZA, but many users have reassured me that this was do to problems with upgrades and reinstallations, and not new ones. They also said the new version should be fine, or I could just install the stable version 6.1.744.001. Thanks again.
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