Procedure to install Windows in a logical partition with OSS?!

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by dan_me, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. dan_me

    dan_me Registered Member

    Do you know the procedure to install Windows in a logical partition so that it does not depend on the other partitions on the HDD, using Acronis OS Selector? Thanks.

    No one knows how to install a Vista by example, when both boot and system files share the same logical partition, as it can't be made active?
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  2. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    It can be done, but it requires quite a few manual steps and there have been reported cases where it doesn't work. It's worked for me every time I've tried it.

    From a general standpoint, it's usually easier to copy a Primary partition or restore an image of a Primary partition to a Logical partition than to try and move the booting files.

    I don't often read in this forum section. The proper place for OSS questions is in the Disk Director forum.
  3. dan_me

    dan_me Registered Member

    Thanks, already found good threads there, now i'm searching for a virtual way for OSS to test. Found out that Virtual PC doesn't like OSS.

    I'm thinking - as here says -

    "An easy way of installing multiple OS's is to install the first one, hide its partition, install the second, hide it, and so forth. The partitions will be selectively unhidden for booting by the boot manager. This works fine for simple dual-boot or triple-boot systems where all OS's can be installed in primary partitions, but another method must be used if we want to install any Microsoft OS in a logical partition. For that, we need to install the OS in a primary partition and then relocate it intact to the logical partition."

    so i'm thinking why doesn't it work the same for a logical partition, as since OSS can set all the other partitions hidden.
  4. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    I've done a lot of testing with OSS in VPC 2007 SP1. Were you having specific problems?

    Logical partitions can't be booted directly from the MBR code like Primary partitions. In addition, Windows won't let you install the booting files to a Logical partition. If you try to install Windows to a Logical partition, it will place the booting files into the currently Active partition on the booting drive. So, the easiest way to get Windows completely into a Logical partition is to copy it from a Primary partition or create a backup image of the Primary partition installation and restore it to the Logical partition.
  5. dan_me

    dan_me Registered Member

    Yes, i will enumerate, i like this subject.
    I'm using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1, must be the same, and tried to simulate my laptop which will soon be honored receiving a nice bootloader.
    After partitioned the VM using Acronis Disk Director Suite, i installed Acronis OS Selector.

    A problem was that OSS could not boot a bootable cd or .iso from its menu, just black screen and a cursor. Otherwise VM can boot from these cd-s directly.
    Booting from OSS menu is a condition as it writes in its manual page 103, condition for its boot files be placed on the same partition; it seems is only available for primary partitions.

    A second problem encountered at Vista Business installation (w2k worked ok).
    Because the first problem, i had to boot directly to install Vista, but when to restart from hdd it couldn't continue the installation because freezes.
    Maybe a workaround would be OSS installation after Vista.

    considering this method, i would try the following:
    - just the logical partition unhidded, so no other exists for the OS
    - in case of need i'd modify boot sector with the absolute sectors (hidden), before the installation of OS
    - install of the OS and hope we find boot files in the same logical partition
  6. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    OSS doesn't always see CD/DVD drives, even on physical computers (like my ASUS P6B Deluxe). Personally, I don't mind this because I prefer to do manual installs and not install through OSS.

    Did you have Vista reformat the installation partition? If not, this is a known problem with NTFS partitions formatted using DD. It causes problems for XP, Vista and Windows 7. Something about the NTFS formatting done by DD is not quite what Windows likes when doing an install. When you install Windows, just have it reformat the partition and you shouldn't have this problem. This has nothing to do with OSS or VPC -- it's a DD/Windows problem.

    When you do an install manually, deactivate OSS (if activated) and use DD from the CD to set the new Windows partition Active and hide any partitions you want hidden. Then boot to the Windows CD/DVD and to the install normally. Once it's working, reactivate OSS.

    You could try it, but I doubt it would work. Windows would either install the booting files into a hidden Primary partition or (more likely) tell you that it can't find a valid installation destination.
  7. dan_me

    dan_me Registered Member

    To not misunderstand, in this case OSS seen Vista install cd also DD boot cd on a physical computer but not in VPC. In fact OSS autodetect them, assign shortcut and when enter it follows the black screen. boot cd booted through OSS, the same to you when in VPC? There was a single cd to boot?
    If not, it seems to be a general issue in VPC.

    Thanks, i hope not to forget. Initially i wanted to use Vista install cd to partition/format but it seemd to not be able to make logical partitions. I wanted because Vista place begining of first partition after 2048 sectors instead of 63 and it proved to me to be better when used on a USB flash, almost doubled its r/w transfer speed, now i'll want to assure it has effect on a hdd.

    Thanks for advise, also i'm thinking using OSS for some of its features that will be overpassed this way.
    Do you think will be a problem or a difference using OSS instead DD to hide the other partitions?
    Last thought that came to me was to first install OSS then XOSL that has an option "boot from original mbr" which i think will let control to OSS when i want.

    Maybe Windows won't find a valid destination to a logical partition because of its hidden sectors only?!
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