Problem loading images on websites.

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by _Rupert_, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. _Rupert_

    _Rupert_ Registered Member


    Firstly, congratulations to ESET for releasing the new generation of products! After using NOD since version 2, I'm very pleased today to have installed 3.0.551.0!

    The problem I'm noticing is that on some websites (random websites), certain images won't be displayed.. but if I refresh the page then usually they do load.
    There's no pattern to this. If I load the same website 10 times, sometimes all pictures will display, sometimes certain pictures won't.. that do next time.
    I've noticed this on a number of websites (I'm guessing the website in question doesn't matter), but ESET's UK homepage: is one of them.

    I'm using ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3.0.551 (clean install). Restored system to before any Anti-Virus was ever installed prior to installing.

    Here's a screengrab from the About window:
    Operating System is Windows Vista Ultimate (x64), and I only have the Windows Firewall enabled.. no other Firewall etc. This problem didn't happen under 2.70.39.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?
    P.S all the settings are on the Typical (recommended) defaults from the installation.

  2. nodHead

    nodHead Registered Member

    Yes. I am seeing the same issue on both of my test boxes. Running the NOD32 Version 3 Trial on Vista X86.

    I'm stumped why it's happening but it is really annoying. :doubt:
  3. Slochy

    Slochy Registered Member

  4. nodHead

    nodHead Registered Member

    Thanks! :thumb: :D

    But it's odd that we have to disable a feature to make the final product work reliably.
  5. nodHead

    nodHead Registered Member

    Also adding that I quite often get "Connection Reset" in Firefox when just browsing around.
  6. _Rupert_

    _Rupert_ Registered Member

    Are ESET working on solving this?
  7. Big Apple

    Big Apple Frequent Poster

    Couldn't agree cannot be the purpose of a security module, to be disabled in order to use it properly.
    This has been written about Kaspersky as well.......a lot of people couldn't get it to run properly and all they got as a tip: disable this, disable that etc.

    All modules of Nod should work 100% and if that's not the case, they should have waited with releasing the final till every problem is ironed out. I have read far too many problems now and was reason for me to not to use it for a while.
  8. garyrh

    garyrh Registered Member

    Version 3.0.560 also still has this problem of images not loading on some web sites including Esets.
  9. _Rupert_

    _Rupert_ Registered Member


    I've decided to downgrade back to 2.70.39 for a while, until this bug has been resolved. It's too frustrating to tolerate unfortunately.
  10. saffron

    saffron Registered Member

    I upgraded back to V2.7 too.
  11. Big Apple

    Big Apple Frequent Poster

    I would call it a very big 'Downgrade' :D
  12. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

  13. _Rupert_

    _Rupert_ Registered Member

  14. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member

  15. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    I would check my browser cache in case that might have something to do with it. Set the cache to a lower amount.
  16. matthewfarmery

    matthewfarmery Registered Member

    Im getting this too, its extremely annoying, It seems to effect forums for me, mainly phpbb powered, and mainly using the default theme, and its nearly always new posts, old post icons are fine, but also the new post button icon also keep disappearing, and I just get the text, I have tried to lower my browser cache,that has done anything, 2.7 had no issues, but 3 is just buggy, I may also downgrade also, seems to me, that version 3 needed at least a couple more RC cycles, releasing it with these issues and while its still buggy from other issues its just plain silly
  17. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

  18. Neal-UK

    Neal-UK Registered Member

    I'm also getting images not loading unless I refresh IE with the latest Nod32 running on Vista. Was fine before.
  19. neut

    neut Registered Member

    Same here (Vista x86/IE - but saw it XP/IE7 as well-, Firefox and Opera seem to be fine). The issue seems to occur when JavaScript code is used in a website to display a picture?
    This bug surprised me, all the Betas and RC versions worked flawless.

    Well, woke up my good old 2.70 from beyond the grave. :cautious:
  20. Mercury_22

    Mercury_22 Registered Member

    Any time frame for this to be available ?:cool:
    It will be a new version of NOD32 or just a fix o_O?
  21. nodHead

    nodHead Registered Member

    Gosh that's good news. Can't wait for the new version. Thanks :thumb:
  22. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member

    Here there is one of the examples that me happens while sailing with the FF with the EAV v3.

    It me happens so much in the images like a certain slowness to sail in the sites to the point of giving the same mistake.

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    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  23. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Try Firefox in the Firefox safe mode on the start menu on those sites. Have you made any modifications to Firefox in the about:config file?
  24. nodyforever

    nodyforever Registered Member

    Yes I altered some things in about:config but when I had the version v2.7 it was working perfectly and I had never constant problems of this type.

    This was rare to happen or almost null in other words I use it with the same configurations that 2.7 was using with the version.

    But really these mistakes give besides to me sailing notices a slowness to load the pages I find what is therefore that it gives me these mistakes.

  25. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Thank you nodyforever. I believe I would try the safe mode and if the images load correctly, I would guess a conflict exists in your settings and the new version of NOD.

    NOD 3.0 is built differently than 2.7 as you know.

    It also looks like ESET is working on the problem.
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