Privatefirewall 7.0 - VERSION

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by burebista, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Night_Raven

    Night_Raven Registered Member

    While I don't like the inclusion of ID Vault, it is actually opt-in - not checked by default. So how you managed to get it installed without knowing is beyond me.
  2. mhl6493

    mhl6493 Registered Member

    Just out of curiosity, how "chatty" is PrivateFirewall? I know some HIPS can flood you with pop-ups. I'm fairly ignorant about what should be allowed and disallowed, and I know that ignorance plus HIPS often equals a virus infection waiting to happen.
  3. Leach

    Leach Registered Member

    Sorry but PF never felt goot here, the new one either. I like the face it offers, compact and suitable, but feel the lack of features as well or granularity as it's being said. The problem here is it hits the system performance on some large apps. The previous versions' leaded to BSODs sometimes so I don't like the product so far.
    Last edited: May 16, 2010
  4. doktornotor

    doktornotor Registered Member

    Lack of features/granularity? :blink: Well folks, you seriously are crazy. :p
  5. wutsup

    wutsup Registered Member

    hey doktornotor, if i accidentally installed Id vault through the privatefirewall installation, how do you go about uninstalling Id vault?
  6. stackz

    stackz Registered Member

    Depending on windows version, just uninstall Id Vault through Add/Remove or Programs and Features.
  7. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Why are they offering this product for FREE?

    What's wrong with it?

    What's the catch?
  8. wutsup

    wutsup Registered Member

    theres nothing wrong with it. it actually works pretty well.
  9. mhl6493

    mhl6493 Registered Member

    Still would like some input about this, if someone wouldn't mind...
  10. wutsup

    wutsup Registered Member

    when i tried it out,the proceess monitor can get pretty chatty if you set it to alert you about everything.
  11. cavehomme

    cavehomme Registered Member

    I switched very recently from CIS for various reasons. I used the firewall plus D+ but not the AV. As a backup in case anything slipped through I also used Threatfire and the 2 worked ok side by side.

    PFW seems to have a bit more intelligence on the behaviour side of things compared to CIS which is really what i call a simple tickbox approach to security. Now that I am using PFW I am trying to figure out if there is a real advantage of also adding TF or not.

    Your experiences or suggestions much appreciated, thanks.
  12. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    A while back, I used TF & PFW together for several months. They played nicely together. I seldom got alerts from both PFW & TF on the same issue. Therefore, I believe that there is little overlap in their respective areas of protection. In other words, TF+PFW=good layering.

    TF is a behavior blocker (BB). If you are running a real-time Antivirus, several of them already have built-in BB's (examples: Avira, Kaspersky, Twister) so TF would be redundant & might cause instability. Otherwise, if TF doesn't cause too much slow-down of your system, it's a good security app.
  13. cavehomme

    cavehomme Registered Member

    Thanks for the input bellgamin. I also received a quick and helpful email from PFW support desk on this subject and they said they were not aware of any issues in runing TF at the same time, similarly in running Prevx, they were aware of some PFW users using it without documented conflicts.

    Also I read today the PCmag review of Threatfire and how potentially in combination with Prevx their different strengths could cover most threats.

    Not being one to deliberately invite conflicts but i am this evening jumping in with both feet and experimenting with the following install of PFW 7 + Prevx Free (safeonline disabled) + Threatfire + MS Essentials + Secunia PSI + Rapport (similar to Prevx safeonline but it is approved by my bank for secure connections).

    I thought i would be inviting trouble :doubt: but so far only one slight glitch when prior to rebooting after adding Rapport then suddenly PFW Process alert went rather active on processes that i had already approved. Upon re-booting all has settled down and working very nicely, with no conflict so far, no unexpected alerts from PFW or elsewhere. OS is Win 7 HP 32

    I will keep my fingers crossed and report back if any issues :cool:
  14. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    PFW released on 05/26/2010. Changes since per THIS PFW page are...

    >Process Monitor component now supported in Vista and Windows 7 x64 bit environments

    >updated Privatefirewall setup with ID Vault v5.7 (I have no idea what this means)

    >resolved defect where temporary training (invoked via "Train" alert options) was overriding fixed training settings
  15. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    I heard the HIPS in the FREE privatefirewall is not very good. True?

    BTW, been trying to access that link for hours. Keeps saying:

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
    Apache/1.3.37 Server at Port 80
  16. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Why would you need TF in addition to PFW?

    Can't PFW do a good enough job on its owne?
  17. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    My goodness, that's bad :(

    I was going to try Privatefirewall until I read your post.
  18. sg09

    sg09 Registered Member

    I am using that for months and I am happy with it. Autostart registry can be taken care by my WP and it as PF offers antiexecutable protection I think it can stop malwares beforehand.;) It's the firewall with simplest HIPS on a clean machine and with a person who have common sense.
  19. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    According to the WP thread, it seems WP is failing in that department.
  20. brainrb1

    brainrb1 Registered Member

    I want to know if it can be compared to pctools in terms of liteness and security.If i move from pctools will i be choosing an slightly inferior product? is it compatible with sandboxie,avast amd malwarebytes pro.? I am using pctools now but if it is lite and the protection equally good for my notebook i might want to try it,is it good for online gaming? and does it slow down network connection etc.??
  21. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    It has a decent HIPS, much better than PCTools FireWall. It is packed with options to decrease the notifications (e.g. through whitelist, program signing etc) of the HIPS.

    When you want to test it, set Application monotoring to high and download some PoC's (allthough some PoC's are from trusted Vendors, so they will be allowed)

    Regards Kees
  22. brainrb1

    brainrb1 Registered Member

    I removed pctools firewall and installed privatefirewall in my notebook to give it a try.On dial up private firewall was faster during surfing but u torrent was very slow..pctools was faster using u torrent but slow to surf.
    The normal download with pctools was stable throughout using opera but private firewalls speed fluctuated going high and low to very low sometimes. moving back to pctools for now .On a faster network maybe these things are not noticeable but on a slow network you can really compare both.Boot times were similar ..private firewall slightly faster.pctools icon takes sometime about ten sec. to turn up.
    I liked private firewall with its many options and HIPs but looks like they need some work to do.
  23. Leach

    Leach Registered Member

    I don't know what kind of modem and protocol you're using. Be it ISDN or analog I doubt we could use the internet connection speed to test firewall speed, even on a slow PC. There may be so many factors affecting the internet speed connection one could really think of the moon position. As for analog type of connection over the phone cable, we never can count the amount of flies sitting on a cable or how hard the street traffic is today. ;) What I really miss in PF is the ability to control the IP addresses for apps' rules. The general black/white list is not the same. If I use firewall I like to be sure that a program goes where it should on the internet and not to any other place. Here's what I don't like in certain firewalls which do not have such a control.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2010
  24. brainrb1

    brainrb1 Registered Member

    You may be right but the average user like me can judge only on the preformance part. When i connect using u torrent and only getting half the download speed, it sure is slow for me.How do you control the IP address while using u torrent (beats me) but on the otherhand pctools is hassel free with similar if not better protection.I dont know if having too many options to configure can make a firewall better for normal user..where as techs can always go for many complicated paid firewalls.
  25. Leach

    Leach Registered Member

    You're absolutely right - I can not control torrent connections although even here I can gain some benefits using IP control. For example I can block some IP which is known as a harmful one. There are many applications which use protected connections to the certain IPs and ports. These may be used by average users - ICQ, P2P etc. which should preferably be restricted, otherwise their vulnerability might highly increase. Or sould I prevent an app from connecting to certain IPs... This is the very useful feature for me.
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