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    I know it's sometimes a hard call, but OBVIOUSLY the greatest threat to any type of privacy today is from various agencies. This fact makes me hope that this forum's moderators will flex in the direction of its members expression of opinions, rather than exclude mention of government policy beyond some arbitrary limit.

    "Political" for me would be more about partisan policies, e.g. " The Repubs are Facists" or "The Dems are *******." Easy to see closing that on this forum.

    Can I say,

    " All talk about encryption is pointless, as it would only take a law against 'potentially terrorist' communications, or, in these times, a presidential declaration under the Patriot Act, to forbid 'non-approved (NSA unreadable)' electronic communication."

    Is this a political statement? Youbecha!

    Is this squarely in the center of the Privacy General discussion today? Youbechabecha!
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    This being a security forum leaves other forums to pour over political aspects of the discussion. Very simple.
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