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    Hello all,
    We had Immunity Inc, an industry-leading penetration testing company, put the secure browser through some rough tests against modern malware and some home-grown exploits to see how it handled them.

    A whitepaper describing their tests and the results (and some more intricate technical details about the Prevx secured browsing system) can be downloaded here for anyone who is curious about the new version:

    For what its worth, the version which Immunity tested was labeled as Prevx 3.5 and was RC0 but we have since pulled back the version number to Prevx for simplicity reasons with the Prevx 3.0 branding. The version which is currently available for download/testing is slightly newer than the one which Immunity used but contains all of the same protection (and more! :))
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    Very interesting read that,it nicely illustrates the power of PrevX :thumb:
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    Hi, have I been having for various years Prevx, now Prevx 3 but the version 3.5 from where it unloads him? it still is not officialo_O?
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    v3.5 is actually v3.0.5 which will be released in the next couple weeks (including the new SafeOnline functionality :))