possible 'scan RTF email body' bug

Discussion in 'Other ESET Home Products Beta' started by greencoconut, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. greencoconut

    greencoconut Registered Member

    clients: mixed windows xp sp2/sp3 x86, mixed outlook 2007 sp0/sp1/sp2

    server: server 2008 r2 w/ exchange 2010 update rollup 1

    nod32: latest 4.2 beta avail for download (also happens with mixed older 4.0 versions)

    if the 'scan RTF email body' is checked under the 'email clients' section, emails received are stripped of the body completely. the message body is gone permanently, it does not appear in OWA either, no matter what i've tried. clients who have a BlackBerry receive the email with the body (i believe this is because the BES software processes the message first) but once the message hits Outlook where NOD32 (with the RTF option on) is running, the body is stripped. if we have Outlook open without that specific option selected, emails come in fine

    i worked with microsoft PSS on this for some time, and the only solution was to turn that option off or uninstall NOD32 on the clients. i do not currently have an anti-virus/anti-spam on the server itself (will be installing EMSX beta soon)
  2. siljaline

    siljaline Former Poster

    The ESET solution points to Outlook Express, only. Perhaps this may help you somewhat. As noted, ESET will be releasing a patch shortly to address this issue.
  3. greencoconut

    greencoconut Registered Member


    interesting.. outlook express is typically used with a pop3 account and outlook/exchange use RPC - for nod32 these 2 connection types sound like seperate scanning interfaces but who knows..

    any usa nod32 resellers on this site?
  4. siljaline

    siljaline Former Poster

    Glad to read that my reply was of some use to you.

    You may locate a North American reseller via the partner portal
  5. elmolincoln

    elmolincoln Registered Member

    I am experiencing the EXACT same problem. We had NOD32 4.0.4xx integrated with Outlook while running Exchange 2003. We integrated an Exchange 2010 server in for purposes of migrating to that....as soon as all mailboxes were moved, we had several mailboxes (15 out of 130) that exhibited this problem. The problem did not manifest itself until Exchange 2010 was introduced. It happens with RTF and HTML emails, Plain Text are fine....but not every email is affected either. When we turn off Outlook Integration, the problem goes away. The problem is we were planning on relying on NOD32 for total client protection as that is how it was sold to us....now we must consider a product for Exchange 2010...wonder if Email Security RC from ESET has the same problem? I guess I don't want to find out on my live system.
  6. greencoconut

    greencoconut Registered Member

    i have yet to install the EMSX beta because of this.. does turning off the 'scan rtf email body' help elmolincoln?
  7. elmolincoln

    elmolincoln Registered Member

    No, it did not, RTF messages and HTML messages were randomly "blanked".

    ITSUPP Registered Member

    BUMMERR!!!! I didn't expect this happen because of ESET MAIL SECURITY for Microsoft Exchange that causing the problem.

    I just found out this conversation. The last conversation was in Feb 23rd and now is March 29th. No response from ESET? This is ridiculous!!!
    We even received email from ESET promoting the latest version!!

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:

    clients: mixed windows xp sp2/sp3 x86, mixed outlook 2003/2007 sp0/sp1/sp2

    server: server 2008 r2 w/ exchange 2010 update rollup 2

    nod32 AV: version 3
    ESET Mail Security for Exchange: version 4 64-bit
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2010

    ITSUPP Registered Member

    Please note, I use the latest version that I downloaded form ESET website so I DID NOT USE THE BETA VERSION!!!!
  10. estbird

    estbird Eset Staff

    Does this issue occur on private or on shared message folder?
    Do you access from one or from more then one application to message folder where this issue occurs at the time?
  11. ITSUPP

    ITSUPP Registered Member

    It's all private mailbox. It also happens with the new email.

    What we noticed, 3 users that had that problem. 2 users when the mailbox is on Exch2K10 and they had Outlook opened, after we moved the mailbox to Exch2K3, the email stays with the misssing body.

    The other user when the mailbox is on Exch2K10 and the Outlook was not opened on the user's PC (I attached the mailbox to my Outlook to check the content), after we moved the mailbox back to Exch2K3, all the email is normal, except the new email which luckily only happened to 2 emails. Seems like when the Outlook Sync to the mailbox which is on Exch2K3, the local folder is win so it fixes all the emails on the mailbox on Exch2K3. In this case, it could happens to quite a lot of user when the mailbox is on Exch2K10. Since we moved the mailbox back to Exch2K3, the local emails win over the emails on the server so less problem for us.This is lucky for us.
  12. elmolincoln

    elmolincoln Registered Member

    I have upgraded several of my "problematic clients" to the new 4.2.35 version and have had no issues to date. I upgraded them about a week ago.
  13. ITSUPP

    ITSUPP Registered Member

    In my case, the client is on NOD32 AV version 3.

    On the Exchange 2010, I installed ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exhcange Server version 4.2, the latest available to download.

    In my previous reply, I have 1 user that I attached to my Outlook to random check for the problem. My PC is using NOD 32 AV version 4.2.35.
    Emails on my mailbox, are ok no problem. But the user had body missing.
    The user didn't check the email on the user side.

    For me, looks like it happened on the server side that causing body missing, not at client side.
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