Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by ljc1174, Aug 15, 2002.

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  1. ljc1174

    ljc1174 Registered Member


    Does anyone know of a link that list the ports with numbers and which trojan hits that port?

    sorta like this, (see link) Zone Alarm lists a port for me (1214)that isn't on this list... obvioulsy this list is a bit outdated.


    BTW: is it normal to have an attempt 4-5 times in one hour?
  2. YODA

    YODA Registered Member

    hi ljc1174,

    You have a odd name by the way... lol :D, but ne wayz... u can try this site provided by wilders in the free service section http://www.simovits.com/trojans/trojans.html . Also if ur looking for wut 1214 is u can try lookin it up at dshields http://www.dshield.org/port_report.php it seems like some kind of file sharing program lol something i had a problem recently. It is normal to have attempt 4-5 in one hour, but if ur on dynamic IP u can always change it by loggin off and on.

  3. Lori

    Lori Guest


    My name is Lori... sorry bout that!

    Thanks for the info!!!

    I really like this board. I was looking for help on TechTv's board and someone gave me a link for wilder... I'm glad they did!

    Thanks again!
  4. snowy

    snowy Guest


    welcome new friend........zone alarm should also give you an address of where the hits are coming from...you can back-trace that if you are curious..........as for is it normal......scans are always happening.....when one particular port is constantly being scanned there could be several valid reasons......perhaps its your own ip pinging you......so before getting nervous...the first question you need to ask yourself is..."is the port closed" an if the port is closed you really have no major concern imo
    during Nimba and Code Red I was getting back to back hits continuously for weeks.....if I had back traced or reported each hit I would be at it till Christmas....
    once you know for a fact that your ports are closed then the real issue is answered........
    no I don't know of another port list....sorry can't help you there......

  5. Lori

    Lori Guest


    I have no idea what ports are open and which are closed.
    How do you trace an IP address?
  6. snowy

    snowy Guest

    Port number: 1214

    Common name(s): kazaa

    Common service(s): Kazaa peer to peer filesharing service

    Service description(s): Kazaaa is a peer to peer file sharing system similar to Napster, Gnutella and so on, commonly used to share mp3 files and other media.

    Common server(s): Kazaa is a peer to peer service, hence clients and servers are interchangable to a large degree.

    Common client(s): Kazaa is a peer to peer service, hence clients and servers are interchangable to a large degree.

    Common problem(s): Distribution of copyrighted material and high bandwidth usage

    Lori.....if you are indeed using kazaa I strongly and respectfully suggest that you get rid of it as soon as possible........kazaa is major trouble!!! You can't just un-installed it normally....however. a member of this BB named Javacool has supplied a special program just for the one purpose of removing kazaa...you can find it in the free tools

  7. Lori

    Lori Guest

    Oh, that's not cool! :'(

    But why would it be scanning IF, it's not running?

    I haven't had it on for a few days in fact!

    What have you heard about kazaa?
    drop me some links if you have them!
  8. Me again

    Me again Guest


    how do i find javacool?
  9. snowy

    snowy Guest


    relax....no prolem.....go to the free services here at wilders......scroll down to "pcflank" simply click on the link....it will take you to pcfank...once there in the upper right of the page you will see a list for several tests.....select "advance" port test......sit back a moment while it does its job....zone alarm will alert..ignor......you will be absolutely safe.......
    later you should consider return to that site for the broswer test.

  10. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    snowman - i just saw Lori's post in the thread below this one: Sokets De Trois v1 trojan, where she said she has found this trojan on her pc today?

    umm...maybe it would be a good suggestion she install an anti-trojan and do a deep scan too?


    personally i would suggest TDS-3, it has a 30-day trial version too.


    Lori, what anti-virus did you say you were using?
  11. Lori

    Lori Guest


    why thank you very much snowman!!!
  12. Lori

    Lori Guest

    McAfee Pro 6

    I was in chat with them all day and they wanted me to do a dos scan and use my win me cd... but my pc is from gateway so all of win me is on 3 different disks, so they want me to make a back up floppy, (i've never done this), seems a bit frustrating and there must be an easier way!

    I did have Norton, but... Norton was NOT finding anything... I kept resorting to TrendMicro for my virus scan and everytime, they would find one but not Norton. So I purchased McAfee.
  13. Lori

    Lori Guest

    it says i have to have tds1 b4 i can download tds321 did i miss something?
  14. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    i use to use McAfee myself; i use NOD32 now as my Anti-virus.....but i use TDS-3 as my Anti-trojan detector.

    today, you need BOTH, an Anti-virus program AND an Anti-trojan program.

    if you have been using KaZaa, i would suggest you d/l TDS-3 and do a deep scan, if there is a trojan on your pc, TDS-3 will find it.

    i can't help too much with WinME, i have XP and Win98 but not that familiar with ME. maybe someone with that OS might be able to help there?

    you can also go to Panda's on-line virus scan, it is quite fast and pretty good.

  15. snowy

    snowy Guest


    you are most welcome...every member and guest of this BB is here to help.....

    this will remove the kazaa spyware


    Lori please don't hesitate on this.....we could spend days talking about how ugly and nasty kazaa is.....an that wont clean your computer......
    our friend Snap says you found a Trojan....ok..one step at a time....remove the kazaa spy first so as thats out of the way...good chance thats how you got the trojan...
    Lori I haven't read your post yet on the trojan....how did you find it.....what program alerted you to it being on your computer........do you have a virus scanner..and an anti-trojan scanner...if not the members here can help with suggestions...if you can't afford one..no problem...there are freeware programs.....
    going read your other post now.....SNAP thanks....please give Lori a hand if you can....I am not feeling well right now but will stay till she is in the clear.

  16. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    Lori - go here:


    and on the left hand side, click on Downloads
    it will take you to the download page, then where it says: Download from Tuscows Recommended, just click that and it should take you to the download page where you can install the latest version of TDS-3

    * make sure you download the right version for your OS - Windows ME, it is listed on Tuscow's page there, just to your right.
  17. Lori

    Lori Guest

    Do I need to shutdown zone alarm or mcafee to run the trojan cleaner?
  18. Lori

    Lori Guest

    i found a trojan scanner I wanna say spyo_O, it detected the trojan, i went to techtv and someone there directed me to wilders site... and here I am!

    This board is awesome!!!

    Right now on my pc I have McAfee~Ad-Aware~Zone Alarm
    other then that... nothing and until today I only had McAfee.

    I can only imagine what's been going on over the last year I've had my DSL! :eek:
  19. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    i do personally.

    i usually go off line and turn off other scanners, my Anti-virus, Ad-Watch, and software firewall....but ONLY if you are off line....unplug your pc from the internet. Do not turn off your firewall or anti-virus scanner if you don't plan on disconnecting from the internet.

    i have scanned with TDS-3 when i've had both software firewall and anti-virus running...but usually it's best not to.


    if you want more help with TDS-3, you can post your questions in the TDS-3 forum.....the Moderators there are the best for help with TDS-3. :)
  20. Lori

    Lori Guest

    Thanks again guys!

    You have been a GREAT help!
  21. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    LOL! Lori you are doing great then!

    just take your time and go slowly.

    post what, if anything, the scanners find...meaning the file's name(s) if you can, that way someone will be better able to help you identify it and assist with removal instructions.

    i am still learning myself, so my help may be limited, but other's here, especially the Mods and Admins, are expert help! :)
  22. ljc1174

    ljc1174 Registered Member

    ok, it says no trojans were found and that the scan was only an evaluation... help!?!?
  23. snowy

    snowy Guest


    really nice of you to help Lori....she is going to need it.


    ok first I am on winMe and use Mcafee.....an you got alittle work ahead of you in order to clean your os.....you appear to be cool=headed so should not have any problems

    if you have that garbage "cute ftp" un-install that spyware or you wont clean you os.....simple as that!
    no..writing over with zeros wont clean your os of the trojan.....
    TDS will clean the trojan..its the best there is Lori.....
    once the trojan has been removed we can proceed with the next steps.......clean the trojan first....SnapDragon can best help you with TDS......she uses it...an knows it..
    other members may jump in to help..

  24. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    it, meaning TDS-3?

    yes, TDS-3 has a 30-day trial, which after 30 days if you decide not to purchase it, it must be uninstalled, but the trial version would still find any trojans if they were on your pc.

    so it came up clean then? good! :)

    i know we have probably tossed alot at you all at once, so please take your time, you can always come back to this thread and re-read it or add any questions to it if something else comes up.

    did you get a chance to go to the url Snowman posted that would help you remove KaZaa? (depending on if removing it is what you wish to do......i know in the past if you removed KaZaa's spyware then KaZaa would not work afterwards) there is alternatives to file-sharing programs that are spyware free.
  25. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    LOL! it looks like we are almost posting at the same time Snowman, and both up late tonight.

    i don't know how much longer i can last though, it's going on 2:30 am here and i've got work in the morning.....hopefully someone else may be able to step in and help Lori too?

    i'll stay as long as i can though :)

    oh! Fjan posted a great thread on how to set TDS-3's scanning up. (it helped me!)
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