Panda introduces 'Truprevent'

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Tassie_Devils, Sep 18, 2004.

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    Cheers, TAS
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    Anybody having problems with Panda TruPrevent and Windows XP SP2?

    On my system Panda Titanium 2004 without Truprevent and SP2 runs fine. Panda Titaniam 2004 with TruPrevent and no SP2 and everything runs fine.
    Panda Titanium with TruPrevent and SP2 and my system is everything BUT fine. I get system crashes before I even get to desktop. If I can get to desktop and I disable TruPrevent from within Panda everything is fine again until I restart the PC. At which point Panda's resident protection is completely disabled.

    I have contacted Panda's technical support but got what I would call a "brush off" along the lines of "we have machines here running TruPrevent and SP2 with no problems"! and that's it. They haven't answered any other e-mails from me.

    Anybody got any ideas? I have a sneeky feeling it might be something to do with DEP and the hardware DEP support in my Athlon 64bit 3000+ CPU but I just guessing really.
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    hmmm... Blackcat yep you were right, and I did do a search of 'truprevent' first, but not mentioned in any threads according to search. :D

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