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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Susan N, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Susan N

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    Hi, i have just this week purchased a new computer from curries but when i set it up it is asking me to install norton internet security. A relitive bought me mcafee antivirus and firewall and i want to use that but this norton program will not leave my computer, during the mcafee installation it attemted to uninstall norton IS but it did not work, now everytime i switch on my computer a licence agreement for norton pops up. when i click cancel it says to uninstall from add remove programs but it is not in there only symenti live update was there which i uninstalled.

    How do i get rid of this norton internet security from my machine one and for all

  2. Ianb

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  3. Primrose

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    On the screen shots you have posted...instead of not accepting change that to accept it..and let the Norton install.

    Then you can still use the add/reomve to Uninstall not only that Security center but also all of the Norton.

    Tell us what version of Norton they did preinstall with the exact Version and whether it is just the Norton AV or if it is their NIS.

    Then we can tell you how to uninstall all of it so that your McAfee has no problems installing.

    Also you can go to the Symantec website for that particulat version of Norton you do have and they have instructions on how to uninstall it.

    Use their method first..and then use one of those registry cleaners if you must.

    Also when you do uninstall any Norton Product on your PC..first make sure the are not currently running on the PC or loaded in the start up.

    Uninstalling in the SAFE MODE also helps at times.
  4. Primrose

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