NOD32v4 beta with OutpostFW

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus v4 Beta Forum' started by osip, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. osip

    osip Registered Member

    Made a test setup with this combo. Installed OPfw prior to EAV and left the real time AS protection on (to see if their AS could live together)...After EAV installation suspended OP:s protection temporaryly and updated NOD and got an immediate system reboot, after reboot had an OP message about driver failure...Could be it can have to do with dual real time protection and that EKRN.exe and other updated files has their selfprotection, i.e not available for OP:s HIPS or AS real time (guessing)...Strange that OP got an error in spite of temp suspension. Disabled OP real time, seems to be OK, will see how it goes...
    Have now Eset folders in OP AS exclusions, and ekrn.exe in OP general self-protection exclusion. Both real time protection are turned on and so far no problems...
    Allright, this topic is about NOD32 beta but felt that this combo should be tested. Will report if problems occur...
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  2. Alaska99

    Alaska99 Registered Member

    Have you somme news?
  3. hayc59

    hayc59 Updates Team

  4. osip

    osip Registered Member

    You mean incoming http traffic through port 30606 ? I don' t beleive this is a main problem because it should concern incoming malware checking...You can always make rules in OP if this is an issue...I have OP:s realtime on and if something is missed by ekrn.exe I think OP also checks all ports as well..., or ?
  5. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

  6. osip

    osip Registered Member

    No, works without issues here....

    And on XP ?
  7. hayc59

    hayc59 Updates Team

    Marcos, I should have stated on Windows XP Pro :cool:
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