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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by se5a, May 24, 2011.

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  1. se5a

    se5a Registered Member

    I've inhereted a site which had NOD32 v2 and begun to update them to V4
    I've gotten the remote admin server and console running, but have found that many clients are password protected (the client on the server ironicaly wasn't)

    I've found the unlock tool, but am I going ot have to repeat the process for each PC? will I be able to do this once, and use the same code on all the others?

    I've also, in my gooogling found talk of deleting a specific reg key, does this work?

    would re-installing v2 overtop of the current v2 allow me to reset/remove the PW? (looks like I might be able to do that via the remote admin console?)

    what is the quickest way to go about doing this? I've got nearly 20 client PCs to deal with.
  2. se5a

    se5a Registered Member

    looks like regedit is going to be the quickest way to do it.
    was able to get into one of them that way, and set it to get updates from the mirrror server. though it didn't seem to want to add it self to the remote admin. (set it to do so, but it never showed up)
  3. MattJN

    MattJN Former ESET Support Rep


    If the clients are checking into Remote Administrator, you can use a policy or configuration task to push out a new password -- one that you know. Look at the clients tab in RA, then see the Policy column to see which one they're using. By default they all check in and get the "default primary clients policy".

    Click Tools > Policy manager, then look in the list and see which one is listed as "default primary clients policy" (its usually 'server policy'). Click to highlight which ever one it is, then click the edit button halfway down on the far right.

    That opens the policy in configuration editor. All the way at the top, expand NOD32 version 2 > General > Setup > General, then click and highlight Password to unlock. Set the password on the right (or blank it out), save the configuration, then click Apply/OK on the policy manager. Wait for 10 minutes (the default check in interval) for the clients to check in and get the change.

    After they've all checked in, try to access the settings on one of the machines. You should either be able to enter the new password or it should cease to prompt you.


  4. se5a

    se5a Registered Member

    thanks Mat, they were not showing up in remote admin as clients, though they were showing up as computers on the network, I was able to push out a remote uninstall of v2 for the ones that didn't have a password. seemed to be about 50% did.

    regedit worked well enough though. I tried pushing out the new version from the remote console, had a few problems with that but I'll post in the other forum on that, in the end I think it would have been quicker if I'd just done it all manually.
    still, so far nod is a lot quicker install/uninstall and less horrible than SEP.
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