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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by pcIP, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. pcIP

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    New application control (pcIP v3.1)... 1-year beta testing subscription is available. All restrictions removed! Just click "Register" and enter the activation code <6RHV62G1Y47751S9>.

    Yours pcIP:)
  2. pcIP

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    UNICRON Technical Expert

    I just read through the pcIP forum in depth. I does not appear that your product is ready for mainstream use. It seems that you offer beta licenses. Are you the developer?
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  4. pcIP

    pcIP Guest

    That was exactly what I posted "1-year..." Here's the correct link to the home page
  5. JacK

    JacK Registered Member


    Seems interresting and efficient : I installed it on one of my posts instead of SSM to test it thoroughly.

  6. pcIP

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  7. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

  8. Robyn

    Robyn Registered Member

    If this is used in conjunction with a router firewall does it allow for 'user' control over outgoing applications? (similar to removing 'act as server' from a software firewall)
  9. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

    Yes, but pcIP does not differentiate between server and client, because it makes no difference, how the data are stolen. Normally pcIP will do it for you, but you can override its settings.
  10. Robyn

    Robyn Registered Member

    The fact my applications are sent to a control type centre are they sent back configured and then I could manually look into the configurations. I was looking at firewalls and note ZA did something like this which concerned me as I wonder what they consider safe that I would not o_O

    pcIP sounds an interesting concept but I would need to read a lot more about it to understand the method which may be considered as 'calling home' o_O
  11. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

  12. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    Wow, my HDD really makes a strange noise when I try to download this app, no thanks it's too big for me and my PC is probably too slow, but I'm sure this is a nice app. Btw, some pics on the website are offline. ;)
  13. adri

    adri Guest

  14. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

    Disable:) ZA and shutdown anti-virus. Then download pcIP. It must reduce strange noise:).
  15. martindijk

    martindijk Registered Member

    So it is still advisable to run a Firewall besides PcIP.

  16. Litun

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  17. Infinity

    Infinity Registered Member

    I installed it two days ago and I must say I was impressed but wouldn't want this on my machine. there is a network of users which has this pcip and they all decide what processes are good and what processes are bad. Like spamnet. there is a database then. if you have a program lets say ctrlw.exe (av process) which isn't known in this database then you have to accept. then this info will be sent to their database.
    so there is constant internet access needed to see if some of my exe's, dll's, are in this database and to see if they are ok, if not -> malwareo_O
    the chance someone finds a dll (which I have too) malware and I do not think the same,we could talk then of a false positive here. and this will be quit a lot. ;)

    so this database has full information in your setup, configuration, programs,... I need to know (after a while) if this is thrustworthy. I don't know, probably it is but I need more info then of others. for now I wouldn't recommend it. it was good on my memory and cpu (5mb) and all this logging of dll's , on a fast machine this won't be a problem but on my old p3 I think we could have a issue here.

    I need more time to see what others think of it, in the meanwhile I uninstalled it.
  18. JacK

    JacK Registered Member


    I think you make a little misunderstanding : it's not the users who decide to include a file in the online DB but ISA ;)

    As for confidentiality I just see a possible problem if you submit your Email attachments for analyze : you have to upload the attachements to their server. Furthermore one is on HTTPS but the other no.

    Note you may use it through a proxy server.

    You should also read their privacy policy : :
    [...] The signatures of programs stored on the ISA’s central server do NOT contain any personal or non-personal data. They uniquely identify a computer program (i.e. Internet Explorer version 5.6), but not the user.

    The ISA has no information whether a signature belongs to a licensed or non-licensed program.

  19. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

    Any files, inluding attachments, are submitted using ssl. User can decline submitting a file. But, it is the only way to assure application safety and aithenticity.
  20. Infinity

    Infinity Registered Member

    Your answers both: highly appreciated. I knew their policy would come along. no prob with that. did the same (check it out). there still remains a constantly logging of processes.

    do not want to bash the program. really do not want that. with malware spawning all kind of other processes (legitimate processes) I think it could be a program one of a kind. but to soon for that for me if you know what I mean. do not wanted to offend you guys in any kind of way.

    that is important too!! an extra layer of security. never to much with no great impact!!!

    maybe after a while when beta is gone and things are falling in place and more people talking about it.

    sorry for my conservative caracter.

  21. JacK

    JacK Registered Member

    Hi Kec,

    Why if it is only SSL IpPC asks for outbound connections on ports in the range
    216.150.224.*:7020 not only *.183 that's no SSL connexion by default.

  22. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

    JacK, first of all, the program is called pcIP, not ipPC :) (BTW, just wondering, why do you call it so?)

    And as far as I understood, you think that SSL connection can be established only to 443th port. Is is not so. Some of ISA services listen on 7020 port, but client (pcIP) communicate with these services over SSL connection.
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  23. JacK

    JacK Registered Member

    Sorry, lapsus digitalis :D

    No, I said it is not the by default port for SSL, any port may be used. I wondered why as in the connection parameters the second port is pcIP uses 216.150.224.* addresses. I had to allow them in my firewall. Not an issue, a question ;)
    I just meant that when you submit an attachement, for instance a powerpoint presentation for authentication it is uploaded on your server and they are viewable by your employees and by the way that may be considered by some as a threat about their confidentiality.
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  24. Kec Velaskec

    Kec Velaskec Registered Member

    As for 216.150.224.*, you don't have to allow the whole network, only
  25. JacK

    JacK Registered Member

    It's not the whole network but other addresses in the range\ ( I suppose another server of yours ?
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