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Discussion in 'Returnil releases' started by discs, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. discs

    discs Registered Member

    May 17, 2011

    I tried out RSS Free for a few days a little while ago. Now I would like it to be a permanent part of my setup, but with the file protection feature. So I need to move to a pro version.

    I would like to ask a few questions before moving to installing Returnil (RVS pro or RSS pro) on a Windows 7 SP1 system I have just recently reinstalled.

    1. The System Restore/File Recovery function in RSS Pro. The Reurnil FAQ on this states:
    The File Recovery feature is an option that allows the user to restore files from a previous machine state. In other words, when you perform a Full System restore through the RSS GUI, Windows, or another program, RSS will recognize this and will keep track of the state your System was in just prior to said restore and allows you to "undo" that restore for selected files on the System partition

    The operative words here are: allows the user to restore files from a previous machine state... "undo" that restore for selected files on the System partition.

    I believe I understand the concept here: the system restore will have taken many files - usually system files, not user files - to a previous time. On some of these files, if I want to undo the restore RSS pro will allow me to restore them to the machine state just prior to doing the restore - in other words to bring them forward to the present - or to some other chosen time perhaps.

    My questions on this are:
    a. In what scenarios would this feature be applied by a user? Is it likely to be useful to anyone who knows little about all the system files and settings a system restore handles. Is it perhaps designed to "undo" configuration settings for a program which have gone back to a previous time because of the system restore?
    b. Is a system restore point an exact snapshot of a system within the limited framework of the registry and file extensions and system files it handles? (I realise it is not a full system image of C, and excludes user files for example). In other words is each system restore point an independent and complete record of the time - and not dependent on other restore points?
    c. To carry out its file recovery option is the RSS system restore feature constantly monitoring and updating changed system restore relevant files? (I assume this monitoring must be the case - unless I have totally missed the point of it all!) Does it perhaps monitor files beyond the files relevant to a system restore?

    2. Free vs Pro Version Downloads - REL13/REL14
    My next question arises out of various threads on this forum covering some problems users are having with RSS pro REL 14. I therefore tried RSS Free REL 13 on my system, managing to download it from I do not want to try out REL14 till the problems on it are sorted out.

    My questions are:
    a. Is the freeware download for RSS the same as the pro - I cannot find a specific REL13 pro download on the web. Will the Free version of REL13 simply convert to pro - or is it a specific separate download for the pro version. If this is so where can I download it?
    b. As far as is known does RVS pro REL14 share the same problems as RSS pro REL14. If in the end I do decide to go for RVS, where could I download REL13?

    Btw. I loved the product, and look forward to working with it permanently :).

    Thank you.
  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Sep 18, 2006
    North Carolina USA
    Hello discs,

    A. Your take on the feature is valid. It is an advanced feature that will require some expertise where the selection of files to restore is concerned.

    B. Each restore point is as unique as the underlying Windows Volume Shadow Copy service is able to create them. The key here is to understand that the System Restore feature makes use of the same feature in Windows that Windows uses to create automatic Restore Points with some extras like support for recovering files from the previous machine state and automatic pre-deployment scanning of the most recent restore point before it can be selected. this also includes manual scanning for any other restore point you may select when the most recent restore point is rejected for whatever reason.

    C. The System Restore monitors the system continuously for all restore points and/or backups which includes both Windows and 3rd party snaps which will be listed in the available restore points screen when opened.

    A. The installers for RSS Pro and Free are exactly the same. The reason for an additional download page is to provide convenience for users who specifically want the free version so they don't need to worry about whether or not they have the correct installer. This is because the server, rather than the client controls license key verification and what feature sets the client software is allowed to unlock based on said licensing.

    This means the installer for RSS; regardless of which link you use to download it, can be registered as Free, 30 day Trial, or a full registered version with a valid License Number.

    B. RVS/RSS 3x have the same core virtualization technology and share the same GUI with appropriate differences as far as the available feature sets for each version are concerned. RVS Lite 2011 also shares the same core technology, but has a different GUI design as well as product registration component due to its focus as being more appropriate for high security and/or inner ring networks where there is no Internet access or that access is severely limited.

    With this said, the issues reported by some in REL14 are not universal and REL15 will have these issues addressed. As for REL13, if you already have the installer file as you say previously, you can register it as you would the REL14 upgrade without any issues as our system supports a wide range of versions going back as far as the 3.1x versions (RVS 2010 for example with 3.0x versions being discontinued).

  3. discs

    discs Registered Member

    May 17, 2011
    Thanks Mike, for a comprehensive reply.

    I believe I have probably settled for RSS Pro, particularly because I don't have an antivirus installed. Also RSS pro does seem a streamlined solution for my needs.

    I do have another question - but will search through the forum in case its already been covered, before I ask.

    Thanks again.
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