Kaspersky and Windows Update conflict

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by DVD+R, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. DVD+R

    DVD+R Registered Member

    So I wait a million years for KIS 7 to be finally released globally before downloading it :rolleyes: Then I install it on my Windows XP Pro SP2 machine, and what happens :mad: After 40 minutes Windows is still struggling to install those updates, So I think :blink: I wonder what could be causing this o_O Till I decide to shut down KIS 7 just for curiositys sake, and BOOM! :eek: those updates started installing like mosquito bites :D fast and sharp :cool: So Kaspersky was blocking those updates :mad: Cant be doing with **** like this So........ OUT YOU GO Kaspersky, untill you het your heads together again and Fix up this mess you created :ninja: Dear Me, dont get like ZoneAlarm for goodness sake :blink:
  2. Sjoeii

    Sjoeii Registered Member

    What is your PDM and firewall set up?
  3. DVD+R

    DVD+R Registered Member

    Whats PDM? and the Kaspersky Firewall was untouched, I left it at Low Security as it was when I installed KIS
  4. Sjoeii

    Sjoeii Registered Member

    Pro Active Defense. It's the IDS in KIS.
    And i think you installed
  5. ankupan

    ankupan Registered Member


    I have KIS on my notebook and windows updating is working :thumb: :thumb:
  6. tazdevl

    tazdevl Registered Member

    Same here. No problems. Methinks you have something funky in your setup and you blocked something when you should have allowed it. Why not reinstall and leave it in training mode.

    One other thing... it looks like the WGA validation app was updated. Might want to try hitting the site manually and downloading the app again.

    Running any other resident security apps?
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  7. DVD+R

    DVD+R Registered Member

    Yes yhis is whats been released right? well it says so as the current version at kaspersky.com anyway, why do you ask? is there something wrong with that build?
  8. DVD+R

    DVD+R Registered Member

    didnt block anything cause I never got a popup to allow or disallow anything :blink: and Spy Sweeper, which incidently I had to add to the trusted zone useing safe mode and on rebooting after installing SS the bloody comp froze :mad: (Memories of SS and Agnitum spring to mind) :rolleyes:
  9. Sjoeii

    Sjoeii Registered Member

    Nothing wrong with that build. But there are some other builds floathing around
  10. tamdam

    tamdam Registered Member

    been using for quite a while and run windows update twice with this build, never had any issues. I only use KIS by itself though. Maybe its some conflict with some other security software.
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