Jason, Please to have a better online payment system for your site.

Discussion in 'Ghost Security Suite (GSS)' started by cafeshop, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. cafeshop

    cafeshop Former Poster

    Hi Jason, and ones loving to pay license uses of Jason's security softwares :

    I purchased CryptoSuite 1.110 and having it running on my laptop - beloved; although Jason should put more great stuff to this already-great soft such as : {
    unicode font support,​
    file transfer, ​
    more friendly font format settings, ​
    emotion icons ​
    voice chat, video chat support​
    All believe Jason will be going to do that when he has time, especially after GSS going to final most stable release at full functional with ground-breaking technologies built-in.

    Recently, we are trying to chase to pay for use license on AppDefend before Jason modifies its license system to timeframe or some sort of it. The problem is difficult to work out with Regsoft Inc - one handling GhostSecurity Inc's customers transactions; I am on the travel out of the US, so I asked my brother in the US to place online order and even used phone-order, all were going to be postsponded and never tobe completed anyway. Regsoft said it could not handle to get the job done with the bank. I do not know how comes.

    Hope Jason to have a better solution on his own online payment system.

  2. cafeshop

    cafeshop Former Poster

  3. Jason_R0

    Jason_R0 Developer

    I may be switching credit vendors (or offering another alternative besides paypal) soon, though most of them are all owned by one company now. Which means they will most likely give the same "checks" on credit cards.
  4. cafeshop

    cafeshop Former Poster

    Hope the good news is coming ASAP.
    Can you give me a Promo Code so that I can order and get the current lifetime upgrade policy even after your new upgrade policy kicks in, Jason?
  5. Jason_R0

    Jason_R0 Developer

    Yeah that should be no problem, just give me a PM when the new system kicks in and we can work it out.
  6. topmoxie

    topmoxie Registered Member

    Another sap, why would anyone want to buy this. Yeh, I am a sap, bought it over 2 years ago, it was still in beta, still not complete and bug free, the new version is the same, not complete and bug free, there are better products and they are complete and bug free, no one should pay for this. There is little to no support here.
  7. Rodehard

    Rodehard Registered Member

    Ghost Security is a sham. Wilders should have closed this down long ago. I dont even think its Jason at the other end of the line.
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