Is YAC(Yet Another Cleaner) Safe or Dangerous?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Pandora Box, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Pandora Box

    Pandora Box Registered Member

    Have anyone heard about YAC(Yet Another Cleaner)?
    I'd like to know that is anyone ever tried it yet?

    I use to found it in and was named "iSafer Removal Tool"
    until weeks, months passed it rename into YAC(Yet Another Cleaner) officially
    and create their facebook page as:

    Review from YAC author:

    But this is my virustotal check result after download:
    Link removed as per POLICY

    These website not only free download malware cleaner only.
    But also possesed many data about malware which been write from
    the author himself. Also the feed back from user are so good.
    Also the site tagged Mcafee and Norton for it's credits.
    but the scan result look so opposite that made me stunned. o_O

    So I'd like to know is anyone here ever tried YAC yet?
    I need to make sure before install to avoid busted.:blink:
    It'd be nice if someone made Test Review it's so lack on youtube.
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  2. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    I used it for a while and it is nice and safe program. I uninstalled it due to there being no apparent way to disable the HIPs module. The HIPs module is set to automatically deny suspicious actions when you haven't chosen whether to allow or deny the action after I think 30 seconds. I'd prefer there to be no countdown and for the prompt to stay there until clicked.

    But apart from that it is excellent.
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  3. Pandora Box

    Pandora Box Registered Member

    Thanks for a bit of information. As I thought it seems reliable on cleaning since they've a very large malware database.

    Still I need to gather more informations...
    I've ask people in more places seem they gave me different answers. Some were think malicious some were some were not. That's why I need to gather information to make sure if it's false positive or malware.

    User's usage about YAC is too low to be confirmed :doubt:
  4. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    It's not malicious, but because it's not well known as of yet there is little information to be found about it.
  5. Pandora Box

    Pandora Box Registered Member

    I see.... so it's consider as "rare item" right? :)
    I love rare items they're not well known but powerful
    and going to be popular in future.

    I've been watching this software growing nicely from while ago.
    Thank you for clarifying. I'll decide to use YAC for malware
    cleaner tool without fear now. ;)

    I'm making software site indexing. So I'm quite strict about testing
    softwares before index into my site. Unlike other software sites
    they're mostly upload without scans. :blink:
  6. randolphonasonne

    randolphonasonne Registered Member

    My pc was a mess due to Windows' security update not doing its' automatic job properly. Even though I was conducting regular scans to keep the viruses at bay I kept getting the blue screen and would have to shut down all too often. Tried Norton and McAfee but was not thrilled with the mediocre results so out of desperation downloaded YAC. I find it to be as effective as any of the programs that you pay for and will continue to use it as I like its' simple format. It's a good security program and is so easy to clean/optimize/scan for malware. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Maybe because it's free some people think it must be a scam. I like it.
  7. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    I just installed the latest version and it really has changed a lot since I last tried it. It now includes an anti-malware scanner, which seems to have quite a large database. It's using it's own scan engine, and unfortunately has some issues with false positivies due the heuristics. For $20 a year you can upgrade to the premium version of the malware scanner, which amongst other things includes website protection and a hyper scan like Malwarebytes.

    YAC also now includes an ad blocker.
  8. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    I presume it will still have a HIPS component which can't be turned off in the settings. I haven't tested this yet. But, if it does, I will probably uninstall YAC again, as the only time I ever want to see any security related prompts is when a known threat is found.