Is this a good free anti-keylogger?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Blue Ring, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Blue Ring

    Blue Ring Registered Member

    I found this anti-keylogger
    but not sure if it's really that good to use. Has anyone had experience with it or know if it worth using? Thanks.
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  2. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    I haven´t tested it intensively but it seems to able to block keyloggers who are using global hooks, what do others think, useful or not? :)
  3. Thankful

    Thankful Registered Member

    I tested against AKLT. It failed all five tests. I sent them an email
    about the results.
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  4. Blue Ring

    Blue Ring Registered Member

    Ok thanks guys. It sounds like it probably not that great really. Probably best to stick to the hips programs to block keyloggers more effectively.
  5. Carver

    Carver Registered Member

  6. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    I was never impressed by SnoopFree, it gives way too many alerts, and a HIPS like SSM wil take care of the same stuff anyways. But "Anti Keylogger Shield" seems to able to block (certain) keyloggers even when they are already installed, just like the more advanced KeyScrambler, perhaps an idea to implement such a thing into HIPS.
  7. Ilya Rabinovich

    Ilya Rabinovich Developer

    I wouldn't recommend SnoopFree- it may give you BSOD with other security-related software and it is unsupported by its author.
  8. Huwge

    Huwge Registered Member

    Running SnoopFree alongside NOD BoClean and Prevx with no problems
  9. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    I have a pc where I use SnoopFree... never had problems with it. An occasional popup here and then... and sometimes some apps wouldn't run if you don't let them hook... but it works ok.
  10. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member

    Interesting and true assessment, however in fact, over the past many versions snoopfree also BSOD'd my secured stable units always "but", the last version released as freeware oddly has not one time and over the course now of some months.

    But then this is but one configuration. Others experiences with it surely might differ but no problems on this end have cropped up like b 4 with those earlier versions.

    It serves only as a tiny monitor of sorts 4 me which does occasionally catch some screen/keylog attempts (of course not all), but there are some others more aggressive.
  11. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    Well, I think we can all agree that there´s nothing special about SnoopFree, most HIPS offer exactly the same protection, well perhaps not the "read screen" protection, but just about all of my trusted apps want to do this, so it became annoying, plus you have no way of knowing if this behavior is indeed malicious or not.

    But anyway, I´m a bit surprised that nobody seems to be impressed by the protection that "Anti Keylogger Shield" is offering, it seems to be able to block just about every hook based keylogger that´s out there, and if I´m correct this may be up to 95% of all keyloggers. The question is of course, if we can trust this app or not. :shifty:
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  12. Ilya Rabinovich

    Ilya Rabinovich Developer

    My one protects from "read screen" threat. As about others- to tell the truth, I don't know.

    Anyway, standalone anti-keyloggers are not really impressive because its functionality is already into all the good HIPS that offer much more protection, control and integrity level.
  13. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    May I ask how DW protects against this? Does it protect against AKLT? I also wonder if it might cause any problems, since a lot of legitimate apps need to read the screen, at least, according to SnoopFree. And do malicious apps always need to install a hook for screen reading, how does this exactly work?
  14. Ilya Rabinovich

    Ilya Rabinovich Developer

    DW doesn't allow untrusted processes read the content of the windows belongs to trusted ones. Yes, all the AKLT methods are covered plus some methods it doesn't implements.

    No, there is no need to install hook to get a content of the window- you may use special functions for this.
  15. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

  16. jpcummins

    jpcummins Registered Member

    For what it is worth I have been using SnoopFree for several months now. Only problem I had was soon corrected by an update. I have several software programs that, while not specifically anti-keylogger programs, supposedly look for keyloggers during their scan for malware. I believe, because of my surfing habits, I am safe with SnoopFree. Hard to intrepret the consensus of SnoopFree posts though as it seems for everyone who likes the program there is someone else who doesn't. But I believe everyone will agree that you can't beat the price.
  17. farmerlee

    farmerlee Registered Member

    Well i just tried it out. I ran all 6 of AKLT's keylogging tests while logging into hotmail and all 6 tests successfully logged my login details. Keyguard apparently doesn't guard my keys.
  18. Hermescomputers

    Hermescomputers Registered Member

    Hello Rasheed187,

    Unfortunately for Anti Keylogger Shield I played with it a bit and my own tests came out very poorly against it. I would Try and find something else for the time being... It failed every single tests... not so good.

    Heres the test: I used Firewall Leak Tester, Anti-Keylogger Tester (AKLT) v.2.5 and testing Anti Keylogger Sheild v.2.3

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  19. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Not sure why u r testing these applications. All theses seem to be rather rouge applicatiosn to me.
  20. Hermescomputers

    Hermescomputers Registered Member

    Well...yes, but I was actually making a point against Rasheed's rather "Strong" Recommendation of this tool. Nothing speaks like a picture to illustrate this... :)
  21. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    You know what the thing is, most anti keyloggers (and HIPS) currently don´t protect against message based keyloggers, so no surprise that Anti Keylogger Shield fails against AKTL. However, if it can protect against all hook based keyloggers it´s still cool. But it´s likely that only tools like KeyScrambler and GuardedID can protect against all these keylogging methods.
  22. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Yes, it,s so cool for u.

    It,s a piece of garbage to me. Even its look can tel u that its, a rougeware. Why just detecting a simple keyboard hook is a cool feature for u? Dozens of software can do it alongwith tons of other features.
  23. Rasheed187

    Rasheed187 Registered Member

    @ aigle,

    You might want to read this whole thread again, I never said that I´m recommending this tool (I also don´t know if it´s malware or not), I just said that the method of protection seems to be interesting, it does not block hooks from installing, instead it just tries to prevent all hooks on a system from keylogging. So even if you might have a malicious hook on your system, it´s not really a problem. For example, the "Keylogger Hunter" tool uses the same method, but most HIPS do not offer this protection yet, instead they seem to be focusing on message based keyloggers.

    @ farmerlee

    I´ve tested KeyGuard and if configured correctly it´s able to stop 5 out of 6 tests (actually, the aklt.exe tool freezes with test 6) and it could also stop hook based keyloggers, so it does seem to be more advanced than the other tools mentioned in this thread. But it needs some work, it doesn´t automaticly protect all apps and it needs better configuration options.
  24. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Sorry if I misinterpret. I really missed that post of urs.

    So u mean to say that if u disable AK Shield or Keylogger Hunter, start some application that installs a blobal keyboard hook and starts logging key strokes and then u enable the AK Shield/ Keylogger Hunter, it will stop the keylogging inspite that thy hook is already installed.

    Have u tested it urself like this?

    If It,s like this, it really sounds a nice feature but it has a draw back in itself as many legit applications install keyboard hooks as well and it might gice rise to problems.
  25. farmerlee

    farmerlee Registered Member

    Very strange, i just used it with default settings and couldn't pass any of the tests, weird...
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