Is it safe to use maxthon?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by raakii, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    I find maxthon better than IE 8 .Is it safe to use it?Are there any maxthon users here?
  2. the Tester

    the Tester Registered Member

    Maxthon is based on Internet Explorer, so it will have the same security concerns.
    The only question is which version of IE. I'll bet it's IE6 at the latest.

    If nothing else, you could run it in Sandboxie.
  3. Eice

    Eice Registered Member

    How much are you betting? The more the better, cause I'm taking it on.
  4. the Tester

    the Tester Registered Member

    This is something new...
    Maxthon 3 uses two engines;
    Webkit and Trident(IE).
  5. Ranger Bob

    Ranger Bob Registered Member

    I have used it for years and love it. It has 3 version now, Maxthon Classic, Maxthon 2 and Maxthon 3 is in alpha testing. I would recommend trying it and decide for yourself if you like it or not.
  6. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    Maxthon is certainly better and faster than IE ,but there is no inline spell check and magic fill is too confusing to use.I want know wats new in Maxthon 3.0 alpha 3 .Is is just stripped down version of maxthon 2.5.Also we cant open two windows of maxthon ,though this doesnt affect me.
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  7. HJO

    HJO Guest

  8. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    World browser and Maxthon have poor content blocking facility.World has inprivate browser facility inbuilt and google search suggestion.It is difficult for me to get accustomed to both them.
  9. Masterton

    Masterton Registered Member

    Maxthon is still based on IE so it should share most of the vulnerabilites.

    Try Firefox if you want a truly safer browser. Firefox is great for its flexiaiblity and avaibility of addons. Addons add a lot not only what a browser should be, but what a browser can be:
  10. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    there is no truly safe browser there are, however, security conscious users in whose hands any browser is safe as the other
  11. Masterton

    Masterton Registered Member

    Yep you are right there is no truly safe browser. Every software always has bugs. So what I said is "truly safer". It's to do in comparison with Maxthon.
    Maxthon may look safer since you think you get rid of the very buggy IE now but actually Maxthon is based on IE too. Choose a truly safer browser like Firefox if security is a concern to you.

    Some browsers are clearly safer than others because they are written in security in mind (the infrastructure means something to more securer products). One of the worst move Microsoft did is to incorporate IE into operating system. A lot of exploits are due to this very stupid design! :thumbd:
  12. Eice

    Eice Registered Member

    Which ones, exactly?
  13. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    Other than the security concerns ,what are the problems on IE based browser?can you suggest other browsers.Advantage of the maxthon browser is that it is very fast and can open all the webpage(cos of its IE core).
  14. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Based on your refocused interest, may have some content for'ya.
  15. Masterton

    Masterton Registered Member

    To incorporate IE into operating system so it's easy for malware to hack to the core of OS through exploits in IE. That's why viewing a webpage in IE will help you to install a rootkit in your OS and other serious threats. I remember IE wasn't that much of a problem when it was in Windows 98.
    Also see:
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  16. Masterton

    Masterton Registered Member

    Well IE core doesn't eqaul speed. It isn't have to be IE core to be the fastest. Try Chrome since it's the fastest browser right now. Firefox 3.5 comes close. Firefox 3.5 is much faster and use 50% less memory usage than previous version. So far so good.

    Beta Browser Speed Tests: Which Is Fastest? - Performance - Lifehacker
    Which Web Browser is King?

    Personally I would choose Firefox too due to the wide availability of addons. I'm concerned about how to get things done faster and more efficiently, not just some milliseconds faster to load a page. You would actually save much more time since there are many addons which can simplify your day-to-day tasks.
  17. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    I am FIrefox and opera user, i am looking for IE based clones.Though i am trying Maxthon , i will just be using as secondary browser, since there are websites which open just in IE alone.
  18. Masterton

    Masterton Registered Member

    Well have you tried user agent switcher (Firefox addon)? Some pages don't work because they think they are IE-only. Most of the pages, mainly bank sites, works again after user agent switch. With the help of user agent switcher the only page I browse that still doesn't work is Windows Update.

    You can still use Firefox to load IE-only pages. These two addons may help:
    IE Tab :: Add-ons for Firefox (Recommended! Load IE pages inside Firefox! No more switching over :D)
    IE View :: Add-ons for Firefox

    Report those pages to Mozilla and they may help. Click on:
    Help >> Report Broken Web Site...
  19. osip

    osip Registered Member

    Tried the newest Maxthon, it's nice for sure...but, could'nt get roboform toolbar to work so I uninstalled it. For me Opera is 1, FF 2...and once and a while I test some other out of curiosity.
  20. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    I have installed roboform and it works well,please check out its forum.
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