Introducing AX64 Time Machine - hybrid imaging/snapshot software

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  1. aladdin

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    Hi Jim,

    I usually agree with you on everything as you have very good manners, and you are an excellent writer too. However, this time I agree to disagree with you.

    If AXTM will protect the whole disk, then it will be the death knell of AXTM as it will take a lot of time to create the initial image, and then lot of time to create incremental images. This will ensure that AXTM will continuously keep on getting bad reviews for being very slow.

    Only one thing I want to see in AXTM, that one can save the images in the directory of their choice. Nothing more!

    Best regards,

  2. aladdin

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    Hi Pandlouk,

    Well said!

    And, you are right that who cares that AXTM works with SD or RBRX or any such programs.

    AXTM is a mature program which stands out from the masses. If the masses such as SD or RBRX want their programs to work with AXTM, then the onus is on them, and not AXTM.

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  3. Jim1cor13

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    Hi Mohamed :)

    Actually, I think we agree on the same issues. I think I may have better stated it as being able to image the partition of choice perhaps, with the OS always default, not having to image the entire disk, just the option for users if they so choose. Default would always be OS just like now, with any other partition being chosen by the end user, or an entire disk layout. Snapshot style increments always for the OS partition after baseline image, but certainly not a requirement for the program to do an initial full disk image. I could have stated that more in depth, as an option, not meaning for the program to automatically take a full disk image, just a potential choice for protecting entire disk.

    I certainly agree, the current manner it handles the OS partition and the speed sets it apart from most other offerings that claim to truly "protect" data when in fact it cannot protect from hardware failure and recover from such such as the RBRX etc. applications. AX64TM rises above those limitations gracefully.

    Thank you Mohamed for your kind words my friend. In any case, AX64TM is in a class by itself, even in its young age. Quite an accomplishment indeed. :)

    Have a wonderful evening!
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  4. MerleOne

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    Hi all,

    Just a basic question : how to unmount a backup. I cannot see Unmount anywhere in the GUI or in the Right-Click Menu of the mounted drive. Thanks !

    Edited : please disregard this question, I found the unmount button... I also have a new remark : the performance of the mounted drive is quite poor, when I try a chkdsk on it, it takes ages to complete. Not a major point I suppose but it would be nice if it could be improved.
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  5. Brian K

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    I guess you missed my post from last week. The first thing I do with a new imaging app is to see whether the Recovery Media boots in that particular computer. Not some other computer but that particular computer. When I tested AX64 last week the Recovery Media didn't boot in the computer being tested. Recovery Media created in another computer didn't boot in the test computer either. I'm glad I did this because if I hadn't known there was an issue I doubt I would have found the answer after the HD failed (at some time in the future) and I was trying to restore an image to a new HD.
  6. twl845

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    Absolutely! Well said. ;)
  7. Isso

    Isso Developer

    :D :D :D :D :thumb: If I ever implement this feature it will work exactly like this :) Cracked versions will ask twice as many confirmations :)
  8. Isso

    Isso Developer

    It's fixed, will be available in next update.

  9. Isso

    Isso Developer


    Dirty bit is not set in the registry, but in the settings file. And if SD excludes it - that may lead to bigger problems. Maybe someday we can figure out some solution together with Tony :)

  10. Isso

    Isso Developer

    Kent, Jim, EASTER, Mohamed, twl485,

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words! :thumb:

  11. Isso

    Isso Developer


    Sorry to hear that the recovery media didn't work for you. Was it an XP machine? I have the most bug reports with XP recovery media.

  12. Isso

    Isso Developer


    Upon mounting a backup there should an "Unmount" button appear on the right of "View and restore backups" button. There was a bug in previous versions of the program that led to that button sometimes failing to appear, but in the latest version 1.1.996 it was fixed.

  13. Brian K

    Brian K Imaging Specialist


    You are working too hard. I did let you know it was a bootstrap code issue and I worked around it. All OK now.
  14. aladdin

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    LOL! Isso is working too hard.

    You did mention Boot It Bare Metal earlier.

    Best regards,

  15. Isso

    Isso Developer

    :D whoops, sorry. You know what's ironic - when I wrote that message I was working on using the vanilla Windows 7 and XP MBRs in the recovery media module to overcome the issue that you've described.

  16. Zero3K

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    Well, I just did a restore (from a HD to a SSD). Here are some issues I ran into while/after doing it:

    1. The PC became unresponsive (I know the keyboard and mouse aren't supposed to respond while doing it but the time in the bottom right-hand corner never changed and the console that was opened froze).

    2. It took much longer than expected (It took an hour and a half or so to complete).

    3. The hostname I had assigned via DynDNS and updated via its Updater was removed.

    4. WebMon complained that the computer didn't shut down properly.

    5. The positions/settings of my system tray icons were reset.

    I did have VSO Downloader running (I tried closing it but it froze because of a bug it has, so it was having a memory leak occur).

    EDIT: I did another restore that didn't have as many changes to apply to the SSD. It took around 5 minutes to do it. The first 3 issues didn't occur when doing it.
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  17. newbino

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    First, at the moment I am not a SD user myself, so using both together is not my intention.
    Second, I have read Isso's post - together with the rest of this thread - and I am aware of it, yet I don't think throwing in an idea can hurt, do you?
    To me Isso, while very transparent and open to comments, seems to have clear ideas about his priorities ... :cool:
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  18. bgoodman4

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    Understood, thanks.
  19. bgoodman4

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    I think the program is very nice and simple now. Its just that many PC users have never done anything like backing up their PC and are nervous about doing something wrong. A clear, easy to follow, step by step guide will address this fear and will take all of the anxiety out of the situation. This is the feeling I got from my friend who, by the way, is quite excited about the program and has already (he tells me) told a number of his friends about it.
  20. bgoodman4

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    This is more or less correct. It is not a big issue unless you are hoping to have all your snaps and a functioning Rx upon completion of the restore. This is because both the snaps and the heart of Rx & its console are hidden from Windows and will not be part of the AX64 back-up set. To get Rx working again all that is needed is to reinstall Rx as you would normally. Sometimes when you do this you will need to delete a file called shield (under programs), sometimes it will install over shield with no problem (yes, Rx can be quirky). I have done this a few times with no problem as tests to make sure it worked. FYI, this is the case regardless of which imaging program you use except for IFW (if done as Froggie has outlined elsewhere) including Rxs sister program Drive Cloner.
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  21. Brian K

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    Does the issue I described happen with other custom MBRs such as the ones used by some of the big computer companies.
  22. demoneye

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    and when the next update will be release to the Public ? since this error reported long time ago ...:eek:
  23. pandlouk

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    Hi Mohamed,

    It's simple a way of computing priorities for me. OS and imaging/backups have the highest priority.
    Anything that misbehaves when interacting with the Os kernel leaves.
    Anything that interferes with the backup/recovery routine leaves.

  24. pandlouk

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    LoL :)
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    Hi Isso,

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