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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 1 Forum' started by Loki, Oct 25, 2002.

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  1. Loki

    Loki Registered Member


    I've noticed that when I run a scan of my system with another type of scanner (TDS3) that Amon also scans at the same time so in effect am I getting a Virus Scan and a Trojan scan. Is TDS3 or Amon conflicting with the other or will Amon still catch a virus if the TDS3 scanner scans it? o_O

    Oh a Big Welcome here to Wilders this is my first stop on the Internet and now with the NOD32 forum here life has just gotten easier thanks for your time. :D

  2. marti

    marti Registered Member

    Hi Loki,

    I have the same problem with Trojan Hunter. Amon is scanning the executible program, not your complete system. I have a few other executible programs that "hang" while Amon scans them. My solution is to disable Amon, run the program, and re-enable Amon.
  3. JacK

    JacK Registered Member


    If you run a Trojanscanner when Amon is running, NOD32 should prevent it to access the infected file : you are right : disable temporally NOD32 when running an on demand AT scanner.

  4. Loki

    Loki Registered Member

    Hi Marti and JacK,

    First I brought Amon to the desk top so I could watch it and then I did a scan with TDS3, Amon starts scanning files as TDS3 does. I always stopped Amon in the past but had forgotten once and when it didn't seem to cause any problems I started doing scans with it running. I did a test and left Amon up on the desk top when I ran the NOD32 scanner but Amon just scanned NOD32 itself but not the files being scanned.

    Well I'll go back to disabling Amon when I do other security scans.

    Thanks for the replies
    Loki :D
  5. rodzilla

    rodzilla Registered Member

    Reports indicate that scanning with a Trojan scanner while Amon is active can slow down the scan ... some programs more than others ... and it's possible that a conflict in memory between a Trojan scanner and Amon could cause a lockup on some files.

    I haven't used TDS3 myself, but I've heard that the slowdown is minimal.

    If time is not a critical factor and there are no conflicts, I recommend leaving Amon enabled ... but I'm virus-paranoid. :)

    CARCHARODON Registered Member

    I run both TDS3 & AMON during scans and I can't even tell the difference.. If its problem you do not need to disable AMON entirely.. Just hit the setup button & uncheck the "scan on open" checkbox. that should do it... Just don't forget about that checkbox when your done... its something you should have enabled for everyday work.

    The alternative is when you run a scan with TDS3 just think of it as running a NOD scan as well... two scans for the price of 1...
  7. marti

    marti Registered Member

    When you open your AT program (I use Trojan Hunter) Amon is only scanning the files in that program. I also have a utility program that hangs when I try to run it, if Amon is running.

    I have a little sign that I put on my keyboard when I disable Amon. It says "Turn Amon on." I put it there each time I disable it and so far, have never forgotten to enable it.

    UNICRON Technical Expert

    I used nod32 with tds-3 and never disabled amon. The only issue is that when amon actually identifies malware, it will block access to it from other scanners like tds-3. When this happens, tds-3 won't detect the malware because it was blocked.

    The new tds-4 is supposed to work on a lower level so maby the reverse will happen. But then the new Nod32 also works at a lower level, so it is anybodies guess what will be the result.

    I like to think about it like a pack of wild dogs fighting over a carcus, poor virus ... never had a chance.
  9. I've been running Nod32 with Tauscan.. I never had a conflict of any kind and I don't shut off AMON before doing an on demand scan with Tauscan. Never noticed anything out of the ordinary. If anyone else reading this uses AMON with Tauscan I'd be glad to hear from you if you've noticed any conflicts..

  10. f_disk

    f_disk Guest

    I use NOD32 with Trojan Hunter and NEVER shutoff amon and have never encountered a problem or conflict..........

    XP Home
  11. JacK

    JacK Registered Member

    Hi ;)

    Because you never had a Trojan lol

    I f there was a Trojan which is detected by NOD32, it would prevent TH to access it. If not detected by NOD32 but byTH, no problem.

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