Install Win 2000 on an Empty Snapshot

Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by pinso, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. pinso

    pinso Registered Member

    Hello folks,
    i know i can install Win 2000 on an Empty Snapshot on FD ISR 3.32.235 but i have a Dual Core Machine and a SATA Drive, their is no particular reason just want to keep a piece of History beside me, although i installed it on Virtual Machine and after installing the VBoxGuestAdditions i could get a proper Fullsreen which i could not get on a Virtual PC 2007 and using that on a VMWare and Player would hog the system resource.
    I tried Dual Boot and it only recognised the C: and the remaining D: and E: was seen as Unrecognised and unpartioned, proceeding to install on D: it proceeded to install on C:.(That moment was very scary) Now i could install the Sata Controller Drivers by pressing F6 and i do not have a Floppy drive, and i want to try it on an Empty Snashot.
    So fearing from my experience is it possible to install Win 2000 on a SATA Drive i.e. on an Empty Snapshot if not i would have to restore my C: i would loose my entire months of DATA. Any suggestion would be appreciated .

  2. pinso

    pinso Registered Member

    Hasn't anyone tried this on an Empty Snapshot.......i am on a standstill. Please give any feedback.
  3. jwcca

    jwcca Registered Member

    If you have a spare HDD:

    copy the Sata drivers for W2K to a CD (assuming they exist)
    unplug your current system drive

    plug in the spare drive
    format & install W2K, F6 to load drivers from CD (assuming that's possible)
    install FD 235,
    create an FD archive of W2K on a separate 'data' drive,
    unplug the W2K drive
    plug in the current system drive
    copy the archive to the system drive as a new snapshot
    reboot to the W2K snapshot and install other stuff

    I haven't done this with W2K but I did install W7 on a new drive followed by FD and then successfully copied an XP archive and I can use FD pre-boot to W7 or XP with no problems.
    I still have an old IDE drive with W2K & FD so in theory I could do this but I'd have to find an IDE cable to hook it up, install the Sata drivers (if they exist?) and save an archive, etc... so, you try first, and post back.

    If the CD doesn't work, you could try slipstreaming the W2K install cd with the W2K SP4 file which has the SATA drivers, or buy a diskette drive e.g. an external one. Try Google for "W2K Sata drivers".
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  4. pinso

    pinso Registered Member

    Thank for clearing that up , i h' EliteGroup Mother board and after checking in their Website their weren't for SATA driver for Win 2000 , although their was for Audio Drives.
    But i am running it on Virtual Box, and it ;looks good inside Virtual Box, but their are things.
    Well can't help if the Manufacturer doesn't makes one for Win 2000 : considering that Win 2000 still is widely used as a Business PC.

    Anyway thanks for clearing that up!
  5. pinso

    pinso Registered Member

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