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Discussion in 'Returnil Betas' started by Wilderness, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Wilderness

    Wilderness Registered Member

    First off this the best security program I have ever used. Thanks for the protection!

    The following is a major security issue and should be implemented into the program...

    System Safe Tab has "Drop All Changes" and "Save All Changes". Its a nice feature to have, but where the problem comes in is that Returnil should default automaticly to having it turned back to "Drop All Changes" on reboot.

    Because right now if someone got up in the morning, did some updates, and then put it on "Save All Changes" and restarted computer, then they spent the rest of the day doing stuff on the computer or visiting sites that gave them virus's and spyware, they could panic without thinking and be like "I better restart my computer!"

    Since they forgot to put it back on "Drop All Changes" They just compromised there whole system to virus's and malware that could be real hard to get rid of and could cost them to lose everything they have on there computer.

    Please make a future update of Returnil that automatically defaults to "Drop All Changes" When system is rebooted.
  2. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

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  3. Wilderness

    Wilderness Registered Member

    That's not really a multiple discussion. I know how members love trying to catch double post, but that isn't one. Thats simply a reply to that persons question.

    Could you imagine people talking about 20 seperate features they would like in one post, thats what would get confusing. Hense the need to say hay we should start a new post on this feature.

    And thanks for the welcome.

    I also wrote to Returnil and yes I did post it under someone elses post since they "double posted" since it was already being discussed here lol.

    But anyway here is Returnil's reply after I emailed them....

    I really do wish it would revert back, I think it should! Because someone who uses it usually only wants to use it once, usually after an update or installing a program. All it would take is to forget to set it back once and system could be compromized. So like they say, being an advanced feature, then person would know its there and would use it once and would like it to revert and not have to worry about it until there ready to use it again.

    Right now the way it is I'm paranoid and can't remember if I checked or not, so catch myself checking it at different times because I can't remember if I set it back. But now i'm mostly getting in the habit of checking it before shutting down, though I did forget once, lucky it was on what I wanted it to be on. I'd rather be in the habit of only haveing to check and change it if I want to keep changes.

    (yes also double posted, lol. sorry, but its the other person that started a topic on it when it already existed here.)
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  4. Wilderness

    Wilderness Registered Member

    If there not going to change it then they could easily create a .INI file that advanced users could easily edit to change certain features of the program to "True" or "False", specifically the "Drop All Changes".

    Returnil did make a strong point when they said "These situations may need to persist across a restart." But them situations are rare and person would probably remember to disable it again before restarting. Only problem would be if you installed something that had to restart multiple times and did not give user a chance to change any settings before it restarted again. I've never really seen that, but could be possible. So Maybe the setting is best the way it is.

    Perhaps they could add a check box called "Remember My Answer" so that you can tick it on or off.
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  5. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    I can't think of any situation where I would want "Save all changes" to persist across a restart. The only reason I would use a Returnil virtual session to install software is to be able to test it without any commitment to keeping it afterwards. The more pertinent issue for me is the ability for the virtual session to persist across restarts without saving anything to the real system. Having tested a program within a virtual session, if I then decide that I want to keep the program I would exit the virtual session and install the program for a second time, this time on the real system.

    The time I would use "Save all changes" on exit is when a change to the system has occurred that I want to keep while a virtual session is enabled (an automatic program update for example). In these situations, I do not want "Save all changes" to automatically persist across a restart. My problem is that I sometimes forget to switch off "Save all changes" after the restart.
    If they're not going to change the way it works then I agree this is a good idea, providing that the checkbox has to be deliberately checked by the user with a default of "Drop all changes" if not checked. That would be good for people like me who don't always remember to switch off "Save all changes" after a restart.
  6. Wilderness

    Wilderness Registered Member

    Well I do believe there is some anti-virus or firewall programs, that do have to restart your computer and then restart again after it boots up again, or after a failed boot when installing.

    Having the tick box "remember my answer" would be good enough that way there is no complications. This way you can have it revert to "drop all changes" automatically on reboot.
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