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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by rothko, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. rothko

    rothko Registered Member

    i've not seen this before, so thought i'd share. the other day imon detected a trojan on a site and i got the alert window and clicked 'Terminate', and that was that.

    2 days later i wanted to show my girlfriend the alert window so she's knows what to expect if she stumbles across anything while browsing, i entered the url of the trojan and hit go, up popped the IMON threat window, i clicked Terminate and the next page was the one i have included below. I've not seen this before, and I've had a few IMON alert windows while browsing, so was wondering if this is new to 2.5 and connected with the 'Website access blocking' option in IMON settings, anyone know?

    If it is, then is it likely that the alert i got from visiting that site was written to the event log, then sent to Eset as part of the Early Warning System (which i have enabled), whereby it was added to the list of blocked sites by way of an update. All in the space of 2 days? If it is then i'm really impressed! or maybe IMON adds the url to the list itself after you have visited a site with a threat, either way it has got me intrigued (sad, i know :rolleyes:)

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  2. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    I assume you had your browser set to higher compatibility before, hence you hadn't got that alert.

    As for submitting suspicious files via ThreatSense, please DO NOT manually SUBMIT files already detected by NOD32, regardless of whether they've been detected by name or by advanced heuristics, unless you suspect a false positive.
  3. Visitor99

    Visitor99 Guest

    That didn't answer his question!
  4. rothko

    rothko Registered Member

    ah, i see. yes i did change to higher efficiency, i didnt realise this is how it worked, thanks for the explanation.
    nope, wouldnt do that. i only submit the FPs.

    cheers, lee
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