i have got the same update 1.631 five times today

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by CLEARICE01, Feb 24, 2004.

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    CLEARICE01 Registered Member

    caneny one tell me why i have gotten the same update five times today.and how i can stop it from giving me the same update eny more...........
  2. sig

    sig Registered Member

    I can't remember offhand if you have the trial version or not but I'm not sure that it would make much difference in your set up.

    First, I think NOD is set by default to check for an update once every hour, so that's one reason you're being bugged. I'd go into the program (I think it's in the updater setup? I'm not at my own home PC at the moment so can't look) and at least extend the time in between update checks or even turn if off as long as you check daily until this is figured out.

    Now that's not a fix, just cutting down on the annoyance until the problem is found/fixed. I assume you've downloaded and installed the update but still the program keeps asking you again to do it, like it's Groundhog Day? (the movie, I mean.)

    I think someone else may have complained of being bugged by repeat updates in another recent thread before. I don't clearly recall the solution. But my guess is the updater thinks you don't have the update installed which is why it is offering it to you again....probably because somethings borked, either the updater or the existing files in the database that the updater checks. I'm thinking the easier route is dealing with the the theory something's borked about the existing database file(s) you do have. So one thing I would do is look to see if I could find the NOD directory (folder) where the updates are kept....it might be that if you can figure it out, deleting the latest update or even the whole thing (I hope you're not on dialup) might clear it out and when you re-download the updates to bring you up to date perhaps that will stop the hiccuping update attempts.

    I wouldn't want to advise uninstalling and reinstalling NOD right off the bat as that may not be necessary or relevant. I'd fiddle with finding and perhaps deleting the latest update signature definition update file or the whole virus database and then re-updating manually and see if that makes for a clean start.

    And if things work out, make sure if you disabled the auto update feature to turn it back on so it can do its thing on whatever schedule you put it on. (I thought the default every hour was too much, but that was me.) Hope this helps or at least that someone will come along who can help. :)

    CLEARICE01 Registered Member

    hi.sig.thanks for the reply.its been three and a half hours now sins a update so iam going to sit tite for now.but if it keeps up i will try the setting for updating every hour and change it.and delete the update folder.so iam waiting to see.thanks again for the reply
  4. visitor

    visitor Guest

    I run the commercial and trial version on(dual boot xp different languages)
    Multiple updates happen to me many times with trial version
    According to "my" comparison test between the two
    I found trial is a real pain in the...

    CLEARICE01 Registered Member

    hi.visitor.mine is a full version and i have had to uninstall it.in one date it updated 15 times that just not the way a good antivirus program should work...........so iam back with my tryed and true avg.untill this update mess is fixed.if it ever gets fixed........
  6. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Hi guys,
    is there still someone having this problem despite having the recent updates 1.632 or 1.633 installed?

    CLEARICE01 Registered Member

    hi.marcos.i dont know because after getting the same update 15 or more times in one day made me uninstall nod32.wich is a shame i really like nod32.also can enyone tell me if there has been a component update in the last little wile...
  8. sir_carew

    sir_carew Registered Member

    Not component upgrade will be available soon.

    CLEARICE01 Registered Member

    hi.sir_carew.is that nod.or not.for the upgrade??is there going to be or not........
  10. CLEARICE01

    CLEARICE01 Registered Member

    hi.iam very happy to say that i reinstalled nod32.with the update 1.634.and i have gone all night with out a update other than the one on startup.and i just downloaded the nod32v2.000.9.for the two days that nod was uninstalled and avg was installed i didnt feel safe at all but now that nods back on the job i more than feel safe.................
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