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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by anon_private, May 4, 2012.

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  1. anon_private

    anon_private Registered Member

    I would like to send email securely using free Yahoo mail

    Additional Details

    I would like to able to send information to companies, on an occasional basis, where it would be best if the information was secured.

    What is needed is something simple where the companies can easily read the mail.

    For example, if I could encrypt the message attachment and they could click on it, provide a password, and then read the mail.

    Since the companies know my email address, it would be necessary for me to use my usual web mailer.


    Ps. The facility should be free
  2. PaulyDefran

    PaulyDefran Registered Member

    How are you going to securely communicate the password to them?

    If you can get them the password securely, just put a text file in a 7zip encrypted archive.

  3. chronomatic

    chronomatic Registered Member

    What you need is GnuPG. If on Windows use Gpg4win.
  4. hashed

    hashed Registered Member

    The issue I see with that though is you need the other party to agree to emailing securely. It's a 2 way street and without their cooperation, I don't see it as a viable option. I use it wherever possible, but trying to get a business to agree to use it, seems like a long shot to me.
  5. Victek

    Victek Registered Member

    Perhaps Private Sky...
  6. chronomatic

    chronomatic Registered Member

    If the other party doesn't want secure communication, then secure communication wont happen in the first place.
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