How to use Gmer?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Bio-Hazard, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. Bio-Hazard

    Bio-Hazard Registered Member

    I am not a advanced user so does anybody know a good site where i could learn to use gmer? Or should i just try to find a another program?
  2. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

  3. Bio-Hazard

    Bio-Hazard Registered Member

    I saw a good review about your program and i wanted to try it, but it said that i have to uninstallGmer first. I tried to remove gmer but it didnt work. can you give any advice?
  4. EASTER.2010

    EASTER.2010 Guest

    Superior & Excellent Program is RKUnhooker. And even more advancements just added with recent release. This is a M.U.S.T! IMHO if anyone wants
    to find the T.R.U.T.H. of what is there working or Lurking :ninja:

    Look into your Windows "or" System32 Folder for gmeruninstall.cmd
    and simply click on it to remove gmer. Alternatively you might manually delete files of ......

    del system32\drivers\gmer.sys
    del gmer.dll
    del gmer.exe
  5. Bio-Hazard

    Bio-Hazard Registered Member

    I have downloaded RKUnhooker and will try it later. Do i need close all my security programs before i install it?

    Look into your Windows "or" System32 Folder for gmeruninstall.cmd
    and simply click on it to remove gmer.

    I have got rid of gmer for now.

    Thanks easter for your advice. I also saw sentinel on your signatrue and i am using it now aswell
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  6. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    To avoid possible problems please disable your runtime security software but ONLY on time while RkUnhooker will work, after this switch everything back.
  7. Bio-Hazard

    Bio-Hazard Registered Member

    Thanks for that. How easy is it to use? I have put it on my computer, was it suppose to say something about parasite inside the program?
  8. Londonbeat

    Londonbeat Registered Member

    Make sure you don't have both gmer and RkUnhooker installed together at the same time...For some reason RkUnhooker was programmed to destroy gmer application and any traces if it found it on the same computer, I think this has been changed now, but I still don't think RkUnhooker will run if gmer is installed.

  9. Bio-Hazard

    Bio-Hazard Registered Member

    Before i installed RKUnhooker, i got rid of Gmer. thanks for that.
  10. Kaupp

    Kaupp Registered Member

    Thanks for the info, Londonbeat! I don't like this bad attitude by RkUnhooker dev :shifty:

    I use gmer and am very happy with it ,and I was interested in trying RkUnhooker aswell but now I don't think I will bother.
  11. EASTER.2010

    EASTER.2010 Guest

    Don't be so hasty Kaupp

    If you think that you like GMER then you will find RKUnhooker even more to your liking i think. It can literally pick out individual code discrepencies as well as reveal hiddens of files/drivers etc.

    It is an enormously educational program as well as Top Notch as in "Best" RK detector that can be found right now. Plus the developers are immensely more sharp & bright then you're willing to give them credit for.

    How would you like it if everytime someone started your program and got a Shock from an immediate BSOD in front of your face then blamed that on you. That's what can happen with both together. I run into the same problem when i tried to run DarkSpy RKDetector before.

    Well then, because of the special unique internal makeup of this detector and the sensitive deep reach it must be able to perform in order to interpret correctly the machine's program codes, the developers built safeguards into it to keep a user from experiencing that blue surprise.

    It's such a small matter to simply uninstall gmer temporarily so that RKUnhooker can work unhindered from other conflicting software. It's as simple as that.

    Your choice, but you don't really know what your missing untill you've checked out RKU, and thats a fact.
  12. fred22

    fred22 Registered Member

    second that... :thumb:
  13. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    We are not terminating buggy GMER lol
  14. rdsu

    rdsu Registered Member

    We are tired of listening your opinions about GMER!

    I don't see that kind of behaviour on others anti-malware guys because doesn't have any sense, so please stop acting like that...
  15. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    I tired from your opinions, friend :) In my case - it is not opinions it real facts.

    I do not see any relations between me and gmer. Or it is so difficult to do not use these tools together? =) We will never work with GMER together in the same time. And I can repeat infinite times - GMER is the most buggy ARK that are currently available ;) Where others are trying to fix their obvious bugs, Gmer simple add new one in each new release.

    Try to install on your computer two powerful AV with monitoring abilities and start them (with all their features enabled) together in same time. Or install two HIPS that will hook each other ;)
  16. Londonbeat

    Londonbeat Registered Member

    I've tried that, suffice to say, this did not happen.
    I've never known an anti-malware app actually delete internet browsers because the customer types/uses the string of a rival software...

    I notice the reasons that are given for the "GMER ban bug" vary between forums too. :ninja:
  17. rdsu

    rdsu Registered Member

    :eek: :D :D
  18. Pedro

    Pedro Registered Member

    EP_X0FF: I try to stay away from these arguments, but i have to say this is one of the reasons i haven't looked at RKU. I have Gmer, and if it causes this, what other security programs can i use with RkU?

    It's your program, and it's free, so i have zero complaints/ issues with you or your program. You share this with whoever wants this.
    But if you want, take my opinion into consideration. Just that.
  19. controler

    controler Guest

    I don't see where the problem is and why is it so hard for those of you to understand why you shouldn't run more then one app at kernel level at a time.
    None of has to be programmers to know this. Anytime you run more then one you are going to have trouble period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop thinking all kernel mode software should get along. It ain't going to happen.

    Now that you know this, let's get on with it.

  20. Pedro

    Pedro Registered Member

    I understand that, but would it crash having Gmer inactive?? I mean, i only use it to scan, and log events. I wouldn't use them together. What for?
    Is there a potential conflict even in this situation??
  21. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    After that try NtCall/NtCrash program.

    Ok, general line will be:

    1. Gmer has stolen some code from Process Walker. I do not want to anymore discuss about that.
    2. Using both tools in same time can lead to BSOD.

    Of course, you are completely free to use any tool what you want. If you like GMER use it (I hope that it will detect something rootkit-like excluding false positives and BSOD's). No problem here.

    Rootkit Unhooker is an advanced rootkit detector. It uses DKOM / Hooking technologies. GMER is an advanced system monitoring tool. With huge count of bugs. Feel the difference? ;) If somebody think that I telling there lies about GMER I can post you algorithm how to get few errors and BSOD with this wonderful tool. As I said above nobody do not order you use only RkUnhooker or GMER. The point was - they can't be started in the same Windows session together by following reasons:

    1. I do not like GMER (I hate stupid bugs that are flying from one release to another and author manners)
    2. I do not want to see BSOD in gmer.sys during system scan by both utilities.

    GMER can be used with RkU together. No problem, RkU will show you message box about GMER and automatically exits. Since RC3 we are do not erasing browsers or GMER executables.

    Any links to other antimalware guys here - ridiculous. Since RkU 3.0 and to any other version RkU is not allowed to run together in same time with any further version of GMER. End.

    Do not like? Do not use :)
  22. gmer

    gmer Developer

    you haven't understand my previous aswer ?

    Maybe your "friends of friends" will solve your problems ?
  23. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    What is that gmer, poor attempt to get my attention? What about your l_int3/foress "friendz"?
  24. gmer

    gmer Developer

    It feels like you know more about me, than I know about myself ...

    Is this common "Soviet style" or only yours ?
  25. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    sometimes peoples are really wonderred what kind of friends are around them.

    nice move gmer, that kind of statements I will not forget :)
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