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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by yashau, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Gandalf_The_Grey Registered Member

    I have a problem with the latest version 3.7.
    My laptop running windows 8 x64 freezes when the scan is at 99%.
    Didn't have that problem with version 3.6.
  2. Atmosfear1968

    Atmosfear1968 Registered Member

    I can confirm the Freeze Problem at 99 Percent with 3.7 and Windows 8 x64. The same happend to me with a Beta of 3.6
  3. Mops21

    Mops21 Registered Member

    Thank you very much
  4. Romagnolo1973

    Romagnolo1973 Registered Member

    I have 2 pc win8pro 64bit and no issue for me.
    Could be other security software?
    I have Roboscan Internet Security only in my 2 systems and no problems with HP
    The only problem is in EWS scan: HP detect too many FP, more than 30 entryes as Svchost or Lsass,exe as sospicious; ok EWS can detect FP but some of this files are part of windows core. I think HP needs time to reach a good % of win8 users and so not detect this kind of files
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  5. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    This the second time this type of detection has occurred with the beta. Since I beta test Process Lasso, I assume it is just a FP, so I chose to ignore.

    I then deleted the item.

  6. Atmosfear1968

    Atmosfear1968 Registered Member

    I dont know if this happens because of my other Security Programs (Nis 2013, Mbam) or my UEFI/GPT Mobo/SD combo. All i can say that with the stable 3.6 all works well except for a beta version of 3.6 which did act the same sometime ago and freezes the complete PC and i hat to trigger the reset button to reboot
  7. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Gandalf_The_Grey Registered Member

    For me the same with KIS 2013 and a SSD. Version 3.6 works, version 3.7 locks my laptop and the only solution is to keep pressing the power button until the laptop is powered down.
  8. mrtnptrs

    mrtnptrs Registered Member

    I had this too yesterday. The computer was completely frozen and didn't respond to anything.
  9. erikloman

    erikloman Developer

    So 3 reports of frozen PC. This is why we wait for auto update. On most PCs 3.7 runs fine, on a small fraction there is this weird issue.

    What OS are you running? So far it seems isolated to Windows 8 machines. But I'm not confident.

    If anyone else whitnesses the freeze, then let us know here in this thread or via email support@hitmanpro.com. Thanks!
  10. test

    test Registered Member

    3.7 is running great for me (8 Pro X64)
  11. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Gandalf_The_Grey Registered Member

    Hi Eric,

    Do you need any more information?
  12. Brian_12

    Brian_12 Guest

    Hi Erik and Mark,

    Excellent product! I have a suggestion: If you want kickstart to be user-friendly, make the kick icon bigger or put a label beside it.
  13. wasgij6

    wasgij6 Registered Member

    i am also having the freeze. i am running win 7 32. the scan froze at 99% on mouse.drv or something in system32. My system eventually became unresponsive and i had to do a hard reboot.
  14. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    Another snapshot...same thing as reported in #4885 above. ;)

  15. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member


    I just wonder why you use 178 beta?
  16. erikloman

    erikloman Developer

    A suspicious file. Its digitallty signed by the publishing company. But the signature does not match the binary (the binary was altered buy someone and no longer matches the original that was distributed by the publisher). Therefore its listed as suspicious. So not an FP.
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  17. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    Why not?
  18. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    OK...I am not worried. I just don't understand why the signature doesn't match because I get the downloads direct from the vendor.
  19. erikloman

    erikloman Developer

    If you right click the file and open the Properties then you should see the Digital Signature tab. There it will show that the signature does not match.
  20. nothereforlong

    nothereforlong Registered Member

    Hi Erik,

    I had a bit of issue with the kick start. I thought to try it - just to see how it works even though I don't have any ransomware on my machine. I loaded up Hitmanpro and installed it fine on my USB stick.

    I then tried to boot from it and neither time did it work properly. What happened is it loaded up and offered me a choice that I think looked something like this - I cannot remember the wording:

    1. Load from MBR

    2. Load without using MBR (If first option does not work)

    Each time it loaded up my Windows saying hardware change has happened. If you have recently changed your hardware.....

    Now, admittedly I have an unusually complicated system. Ubuntu (GRUB boot loader) then it boots the Windows operating systems - one of two Win 8 and Win 7. I assume that for people who are dual booting with a Linux system then your Kickstart program will not work.

    Any clarification would be most welcome. If you need any more information about this, I am more than happy to provide it.

    Also I note that on my next scan with hitman pro I saw this come up:


    I assume this is normal? However, it does seem an unusual tactic to create a rescue USB stick, and then straight afterwards you get an alert that the BCD startup entry has changed and you need to activate the license to remove it.
  21. Mops21

    Mops21 Registered Member


    Can you whitelisted the File please

    Scan with virscan.org

    Dateiname : KiesPDLR.exe
    Größe : 843704 byte
    Typ : PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
    MD5 : a7be74971ffd1d6f791361c292a82588
    SHA1 : 45f82503057a0bd4dc2c45cfc3bac1f77d8686ba

    Thank you very much

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  22. mrtnptrs

    mrtnptrs Registered Member

    I'm using Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit edition.
  23. erikloman

    erikloman Developer

    HitmanPro 3.7 Build 180 BETA

    The past few days we've been very busy fixing the various problems introduced in the initial release of 3.7.
    So this beta release is mostly fixing these problems:

    • FIXED: On some systems a scan froze the computer.
    • FIXED: On some systems a scan never finished while classifying kept hovering around 99%.
    • FIXED: Creating Kickstart USB flash drive under XP failed most of the time causing unusable Kickstart USB flash drive. This problem did not occur under Windows 7 or 8.
    • FIXED: Windows showed a weird error dialog on Kickstart dialog on systems with floppy drive.
    • FIXED: Shell Integration was not working.
    • FIXED: Scheduler was not working.
    • IMPROVED: Removal of rootkit Necurs under 64-bit Windows.
      See also: http://blogs.technet.com/b/mmpc/archive/2012/12/06/unexpected-reboot-necurs.aspx
    • IMPROVED: Messaging to the user while creating Kickstart USB flash drive. Now showing an error dialog when creation of the Kickstart USB flash drive has failed.
    • IMPROVED: Various minor improvements.

    32-bit http://dl.surfright.nl/HitmanProBeta.exe
    64-bit http://dl.surfright.nl/HitmanProBeta_x64.exe

    Please let me know how this version runs on your system. People that have been experiencing the freeze of the system or the lingering scan should see that this has been fixed. Thanks! :thumb:
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  24. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    Just ran a scan with the new beta...OK

       Computer name . . . . : XXXYYY
       Windows . . . . . . . :
       User name . . . . . . : <MY NAME>
       License . . . . . . . : Paid (1088 days left)
       Scan date . . . . . . : 2012-12-08 06:51:18
       Scan mode . . . . . . : Normal
       Scan duration . . . . : 11m 54s
       Disk access mode  . . : Direct disk access (SRB)
       Cloud . . . . . . . . : Internet
       Reboot  . . . . . . . : No
       Threats . . . . . . . : 0
       Traces  . . . . . . . : 1
       Objects scanned . . . : 2,003,869
       Files scanned . . . . : 44,376
       Remnants scanned  . . : 1,415,710 files / 543,783 keys
    Suspicious files ____________________________________________________________
       C:\System Volume Information\_restore{EAF808E9-A451-4F6F-ACB7-2EE5AF7CB4E6}\RP228\A0298852.exe
          Size . . . . . . . : 161,112 bytes
          Age  . . . . . . . : 2.6 days (2012-12-05 16:21:23)
          Entropy  . . . . . : 5.8
          SHA-256  . . . . . : 504DD7DD32F350EDFA6C36277F1A77F04AD64E3DFB72F2058210B59E05EFE6D5
          Product  . . . . . : CPUEater Application
          Publisher  . . . . : Bitsum Technologies
          Description  . . . : CPUEater Application
          Version  . . . . . :
          Copyright  . . . . : Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Bitsum Technologies
          RSA Key Size . . . : 2048
          Authenticode . . . : Invalid
          Fuzzy  . . . . . . : 22.0
             Program is altered or corrupted since it was code signed by its author. This is typical for malware and pirated software.
             Time indicates that the file appeared recently on this computer.
  25. Brian_12

    Brian_12 Guest