HELP! How to disable Deep Freeze in Safe Mode???

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by nomarjr3, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. nomarjr3

    nomarjr3 Registered Member

    Before the incident, I was writing up a research work in "Thawed" mode.

    The problem is:
    After finishing the write-up, I turned on the PC, and it was already in "Freeze" mode. But I only set the "Thawed" mode (when I was making the write-up) for 1 restart!!!

    Now my system is locked in Safe mode!!!

    I tried to use Deep Freeze Unfreezer, but it does not work for version 6! I'm using version 6 BTW.

    How do I "thaw" the system and boot it to normal mode??
  2. nanana1

    nanana1 Frequent Poster

    This kind of users problem caused by DF is not uncommon here.o_O

    Be warned that DF is perhaps best used by advanced users.:cool:
  3. KookyMan

    KookyMan Registered Member

    A known weakness of Deep Freeze, even admitted on the producers site, it doesn't protect against non-frozen OSes. IE: Boot a LiveCD and you have direct access to the frozen partition.

    Locate the file/switch that control the state and change it.
    Reboot, and you should be good to go.
  4. nomarjr3

    nomarjr3 Registered Member

    I know where the file/switch is located (C:\Program Files\Faronics\Deep Freeze)

    The problem is I can't run the executable, since I am in Safe mode.
    You need to be in Normal boot mode to be able to run the Faronics executable. This executable is also the only way you can uninstall Deep Freeze in "Thawed" mode.

    I've sent an email to Faronics. Hope they can provide some info on how to "Thaw" my PC in Safe mode.

    In the meanwhile, any tips/recommendation will be greatly appreciated.
  5. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    Wait for the reply from them, i doubt any one here can help you.
  6. raakii

    raakii Registered Member

    I strongly discourage Deepfreeze

    o uninstall the software Deep Freeze must first be disabled and then uninstalled.
    Try this
    To disable Deep Freeze:

    Hold down the shift key and double-click on the Deep Freeze icon. Alternatively, you can press Crtl-Alt-Shift-F6. You should now see a password dialog.
    Enter your password and click OK. If you have not yet entered a password you should be able to click OK without entering anything. You should now see a dialog with boot options.
    Select "Boot thawed" and click OK. This will disable Deep Freeze on the next reboot.
    Reboot your machine. After the machine reboots you are ready to uninstall Deep Freeze.
    To uninstall:

    Locate the installation file you used to install Deep Freeze to this machine. By default the name of this file is called "DF5Std.exe" for versions 5.X and "DF6Std.exe" for versions 6.X.
    Run the installation file (DF5Std.exe or DF6Std.exe).
    Select the option to "Uninstall"
    The software should uninstall and reboot the machine. When the machine reboots, Deep Freeze should be uninstalled.
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