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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Saraceno, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Morro

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    Yeah i noticed that as well, most annoying. But i use this search engine...which despite it uses google, it does not help Google. :)
  2. pegas

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    Thanks for info. I am glad I am not alone. I thought it could somehow relate to the localized Store but now it is clear it has nothing to do with this and it is rather a common issue. Wish Google has sorted out this soon.
  3. Sordid

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    Addictive Tips' top 100 Chrome extensions of 2013:

  4. GrafZeppelin

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    100 extensions and no sign of HTTPSB, ABP or Chrome Adblock, or YouTube Options.
  5. CrusherW9

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    Does anyone know if there is a chrome extension that allows for selective cookie control? I want to keep the two-factor cookies while clearing everything else on exit.
  6. tlu

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    Vanilla Cookie Manager
  7. CrusherW9

    CrusherW9 Registered Member

  8. Dragon1952

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    It looks like a have a Chrome and Dragon Extension for Google Wallet that can't be seen under Extensions....I can't find it in Chrome itself, but I found it listed in CCleaner (Tools>Startup>Google Chrome). You can disable it from there it looks like.
  9. Morro

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    Thank you very much for that tip Sordid, i found a few very nice extensions there. :)

    My new list of Google Chrome extensions i use.

  10. johndoa

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    Only valuable google extension is delete any traces of google products on my machine. :blink:
  11. J_L

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    Your list of companies to avoid is sorely lacking, especially if you're using a Windows machine.
  12. perit

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    Why does Adblock Plus for Chrome block less ads than Adblock Plus for Firefox? :doubt: Same filter subscriptions, same notebook ...
  13. avatar

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    Chrome API for extensions is limited compared with Firefox.
  14. Pinga

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  15. TheWindBringeth

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    Pay-for browser extensions delivered through the browser manufacturer's official store seems consistent with the business model trends in recent years. I expect we'll even, eventually, see this happening in the Mozilla ecosystem as well. It may become much more difficult tough to avoid explicitly linking your browser and extensions to your real identity :(

    Perhaps it would be wise for more people to learn to write extensions and for everyone to fight for robust sideloading capabilities.