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    Also running Nimi with the Block shield off by default. It still blocks quite a bit. Kees sites display well with this way. I'm sure with ABP it blocks about everything.

    I'm running a 1kb hosts file posted a while back on this forum by Safeguy, Nimi, and DoNotTrack Plus.

    Scriptno is out, may try ABP again.
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    Thx :thumb: :thumb:

    With block off the two newspaper websites display well, so I have Nimsi cleaner back on to try for a while
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    I started to use Nimi Cleanser, and seems quite good. I did find that if JavaScript is blocked, then it won't block certain ads. Example of a link for such ad: -http://domain_here/pub/www/delivery/ck.php?n=some_number&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE

    If one tries and creates an additional rule, won't an update rewrite the changes?

    It does block the ads by Softpedia, though. :D Now it doesn't? lol

    I noticed that there's an option to enter subscriptions. I still haven't tried, but I suppose that it will disable the default rules...
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    Very funny video, thanks! Now look at this comment:
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    And now for something more serious although I suppose most of us, especially Daveski, already know this: -
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    Unfortunately, and I don't know why, it still doesn't block Softpedia's ad. It did block it at first. o_O Even if I allow JavaScript for Softpedia's domain, it still doesn't block it.

    The Softpedia's ad is 600x90. I'm still new at regular expressions; I actually only started looking at this stuff when I started creating HTTPS Everywhere rules :D, so I'm not sure if any of the regex expressions in the default rules should block it. 600 would be [0-9], and I see it in many of the rules, but I'm not sure if 90 would also be [0-9] or [90]. :argh:

    I suppose I could run Adblock with custom rules meanwhile, until I grasp regex. :D


    Nimi Cleanser actually seems to block Softpedia's ads, depending on which page I'm on. For instance, it does block if I'm at -

    But, it won't block if I'm at -

    Can anyone reproduce it?
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    I've experienced something interesting with Nimi Cleanser.

    Do the following test. Go to - If you got all shields enabled, and with default settings, then you should see Sandboxie logo bocked. Now, within the same page, right-click "Forum" and choose to open it in a new tab. Now the logo is allowed.

    If you access the forum page, within the same tab as - (= no new tab), then the logo is still blocked.

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    Either way the Sandboxie logo is blocked for me.
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    I do know that if you type ' https' into the non-SSL search engine, it can't find the encrypted version of itself.

    Which, I must say didn't really impress me that much. :rolleyes:
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    This one isn't just for Google Chrome; it's actually a User Script. But, it will allow to prevent Google search engine tracking.

    It's called googlePrivacy: -

    I had found one, which wouldn't require JavaScript to be enabled for Google's search engine. I'll have to find it again. It was at User Scripts as well. I just don't recall what the name was. :D

    But, this one works; provided you enable JavaScript for Google's search engine.


    You may find more for the same purpose here: -
    There are quite a few.
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    Which extension to save web pages to PDF has served you well? There are quite a few. :D I don't want to have to download them all... :argh:

    Unfortunately, Chromium doesn't allow to save as PDF (that I know of), unlike Google Chrome. :( Chrome allows to do it so with Print Preview. I just don't want to install Google Chrome, otherwise I'll have to maintain two web browsers. Unless, I'm forced to do it. :ouch:

    For some reason, I'm unable to save as XPS... :blink:

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    I think a better alternative is using as the default search engine. This makes that user script superfluous.
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    That's true, but unfortunately Startpage won't always display the same results as I get in Google's search engine. This is actually something I talked about, sometime ago, and other users also reported different results as well.

    For the fewer times this happens, I got no other option other than Google's search engine.
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    It should be interesting to keep an eye at this extension, Cross-Domain Request Filter -

    It still doesn't, but the aim of the developer is to eventually provide the same functionality that Firefox's extension RequestPolicy has.
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    There doesn't seem to be a ton of information on it.
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    You could always install and give it a try. ;) It's on my todo list... but, not anytime soon, as I have other extensions to be tested first. :argh:
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    Have you tried this search engine?

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    I've never tried Qrobe. I did try DuckDuckGo sometime ago, but never felt it was anywhere near to Startpage, to be honest. Maybe something changed; I'll give it a new try.

    Anyway, for 99% of my searches, I do use either Ixquick or Startpage. But, for the 1% of searches that Startpage won't get the results I want, then I simply use Google... directly. It's preferable over Bing (no https version, yet! o_O )... :D
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    Source: an e-mail I received
    Something to look forward to :thumb:
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    Is there currently a working extension that allows downloading Youtube videos?