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    Some great extensions I've been using.

    Click&Clean - to delete browsing history upon closing, or while browsing. Also allows you to launch Chrome's task manager to shut down processes using memory.

    Clickandclean.png Clickandclean 2.png

    Blocker - many use AdThwart as it has the ability to update from several 'easylist' and ad blocking lists. But Blocker is based on fanboy's adblock, so that sold me, and it works well.

    Blocker.png Blocker 2.png

    Fast YouTube search - quick access to opening a new tab and search in YouTube.

    fast youtube.png
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    Pretty soon it'll be another Firefox. :D
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    Let's hope not.....
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    Couple more...

    Google Dictionary - allows you to double-click on any word to see a small bubble load and definition of what the word means.

    Google dictionary 1.png Google dictionary 2.png

    Or you can click on the icon and see more of a word, or type another word.

    Google dictionary 3.png

    gPDF - excellent application allows google documents PDF reader to open all PDFs you click on. Those worried about Adobe Reader opening, or updating, would benefit from this. I found sometimes you have to 'right-click' and 'open in new tab' to force google reader instead of adobe (9/10 links will open in google PDF reader by default, a large file will want to open in adobe, so right-click and open in new tab for it to open by google). Apart from that, great application.

    gPDF 1.png

    Has the ability to zoom right out and see all the pages loaded, or zoom in for single page viewing. Gives a download link at the top of the page if you want to save the PDF.

    gPDF 2.png

    Running all of the above, and all work well, particularly impressed with click&clean, blocker (on Australian sites, but you might find adthwart suits you better), google dictionary and the PDF reader.

    Anyone else have any suggestions? There's a 'world tv' extension allowing you to watch hundreds of news/music channels called 'tv chrome', couldn't get it to work though. Same with 'chrome tv'. :)
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    One last thing, you can disable/enable or uninstall an extension without having to restart your browser.
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    Google Chrome 4 has native support for Greasemonkey userscripts, although they're mostly written for Firefox and haven't been tested with Chrome or Opera but some do work, like YouTube Automatic Fmt=18 Adder.
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    Good stuff there Sadeghi85. I tried the second flash blocker link, but I'll give the first one, the one with the most downloads a go.

    Session manager looks great too.

    Regarding my suggestion of 'blocker', probably best to use AdThwart instead, or use both, as blocker developer says:

    But blocker still allows you to easily block advertising and ads, through custom blocking. So if you find websites keep displaying the same ads, add them manually by clicking on icon, selecting block, then clicking on the ad.
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    That's probably because most use WMP plugin. IE Tab for Chrome :(
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    I also have google translate and weather watcher live which work pretty well.
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    Last one for today from me. This one, although not many downloads, is very slick. Probably the one I'll keep - uses less resources than the other weather add-ons (about one-third, 10mb verse 30mb).

    Has the option to refresh whenever you set it to. Default is every 5 minutes.

    gCast Weather

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    Here's a valuable extension for those with vision difficulties. An add-on called TidyRead.

    Standard sports web page - might be hard to read for some.

    Tidyread without.png

    With TidyRead enabled, it will automatically allow you to view the page with just text, and with either a white background, yellow background, or black background etc. I chose black and largest text. See options at the top of the page. You can customise the colours and choose the 'width' of the page.

    Tidyread with.png

    Some options, easy to enable/disable, or select a site to always be excluded. You can click the 'x' on a page to view the page normally. You can also change the font to 'times', 'arial', 'verdana' and many more.

    Tidyread options.png
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    I just had an experience where a web site wouldn't access anywhere but IE. I loaded my Chrome and downloaded the IE tab for Chrome, and it works great accessing the stubborn web site. :)
  18. Saraceno

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    Another for those with vision difficulties. An extension called 'Easy Reader'.

    Can be turned on or off for each page with one-click. Blocks out the page and highlights the current line you're reading (with the mouse).

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    And this is a must have, especially if you use hotmail or gmail. I just logged into my gmail and noticed many ads on the right-hand side.

    Installed Webmail Ad Blocker, and now gmail stretches right to the end of the page.

    And another ad blocker, called 'Adblock Lite'. Seems to use less resources than the rest. Only 6mb of memory.

    Give the webmail one a go. :thumb:
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    From the looks of it, it already is :D It's not like it had a chance in hell of going anywhere without extensions.
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    Since chrome adblock extensions can't actually block ads, I'd rather use Proxomitron + Sidki filter set.

    Only extensions I have installed in Chromium are LastPass and Mouse Stroke (mouse gestures)
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    Reimer, I'm no expert in ad blockers. But I noticed adthwart allows me to open the maps at the following site. Whereas adblock lite blocks them (first two) from opening.

    The CSS filters in adblock lite seem to block the pop-ups from opening at all.
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    Probably the best extension I've found is one to make a quick-bookmark section, where you can add or remove a bookmark at the click of a button.

    Extension is called 'Cheese Cake'. Forgive the name, it's meaning 'take a slice', or something like that.

    It's a black-white icon, which turns to colour when you want to 'bookmark' a site. It sets up a folder on your bookmarks bar (which can be called anything you like).
    Cheese Cake.png

    Bookmarking one site. Says 'ate it' once it remembers the site.
    Cheese Cake 2.png

    Bookmarking another site.
    Cheese Cake 3.png

    Bookmarked three sites.
    Cheese Cake 4.png

    On the New York Times website, but decide to not have this as a bookmark. So I click the icon again to turn it back to black and white. The page disappears from the list. (You can also right-click and delete an item from the list as well)
    Cheese Cake 5.png
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    I wasn´t really aware that Chrome supported this many extenions, too bad that the rest of the browser sucks big time. Still I got to hand it to them, at least they have added support for plugins, while Opera and Maxthonv2 (plugins are not that advanced) have failed to do so. :rolleyes:
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    Could you enlighten us??