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Discussion in 'hardware' started by Somethngcreative, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Somethngcreative

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    I was interested in replacing my netgear n-300 modem router for a faster and more efficient router as this one is currently giving me a lot of problems such as (1)consistent drop in connection status and connection speed, and (2) experiences interference from other equipment easily.

    I am looking for something that:
    (1) Less than $100
    (2) Has a built in firewall (do I need this if I have software firewalll installed?)
    (3) Allow faster connection speed (though I only have AT&T dsl Internet)
    (4) allows multiple users to use the Internet at one time (3 fam members)
    (5) has good enough range to reach upstairs from the kitchen.

  2. donaddams

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  3. Raza0007

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    I am currently using this Linksys E3200 for my home networking. It dual band, high power, multiple device router and it has enough features to meet your needs for 5-6 years to come.
  4. zfactor

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    asus n16 with tomato firmware done deal imo... not much else better in its price range once loaded with tomato. otherwise the netgear 3700 has worked out very well for me but its right at your price budget of 99$ when ints on sale. the asus n16 is a awesome router especially with tomato firmware on it. imo it blows the other 2 mentioned away where range is concerned and it can handle just about however many connections you want to throw at it trust me on that i think one client has somewhere in excess of 100 laptops for the business running from one without issues if you look i have seen them cheaper at other places and have seen them refurbished for around half that price.
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