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  1. Gleipner

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    Hi Eset
    A montly Newsletter from Eset to its customers. It could include your always informative blogs and news regarding modules updates and that month top ten malwares, and so on. It's a win win situation, Eset will keep its costomes closer and the user will see all the ongoing improvement of your product much more visible.

  2. BoerenkoolMetWorst

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    It would be nice if ESET could have a section on their website, or a sticky here in the forum where all new module updates (both on release and pre-release servers) are listed, including notes about what's changed.
  3. zfactor

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    please allow normal app control not through the learning mode just normal app control.
  4. leapy

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    Please allow the business edition license to cover mobile devices (Win 8, Android) as well as desktop OS. This would make things a lot easier for customers to manage.
  5. Gleipner

    Gleipner Registered Member

    Hi Eset
    A Implementation in H.I.P.S. notification giving you information regarding :
    Is the file there is going to be executed Digitally signed. And what is the life Grid Status of the file.

    I know it will not necessary tell you if the file is malware or not, but will give the Eset users a better basis to make the right decision.

  6. Pilgrim1

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    I'll second that motion! :) As it stands now, and with the previous product (competitor) I was using, the responsibility for finding out product updates was on the user's shoulders and could basically only be known by visiting the user support forum. Let me state what many already know, the vast majority of typical users 1) don't want to take the time to do that route, and 2) aren't even aware that support forums exist. Soooo, for individuals like myself who sell/build/install/fix PC's and are instrumental in choosing what AV gets used, the onus has been ours to notify all our clients of the update/upgrade.

    Thus, to be able to simply click a radio box to have a monthly newsletter sent to the individual's e-mail address (fill in the field) with such information would be most welcomed. :thumb:
  7. rif

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    A ESS 5 working with Win XP.
  8. lodore

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    there are many people who use ESS5 on windows xp without any issues so I would suggest you open a new thread explaining what issues you are facing and provide the information eset need to help solve the issue.
  9. rif

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  10. ptjevleesch

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    Add a shortcut to taskbar menu (dropdown list) to enable/disable "gaming mode" with one click
  11. Gleipner

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    Hey Eset
    Eset's self protection is based on their new H.I.P.S modul. So Eset should be last program standing if a user should be so unfortunate to be hit from Ransomeware. Then it would be handy that the User could kill and quarantine from the tool " Running processes " to regain control over his or hers pc.


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  12. Marcos

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    ESET does not want and will never put their users at risk by killing running processes which may end up with BSOD causing data loss. The malware should be removed automatically the next time the operating system is started.
  13. agoretsky

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    Please keep in mind that ESET does offer a number of methods for announcing various pieces of news to customer. There are multiple RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and so forth.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  14. maaster

    maaster Registered Member

    Changes are always welcome but that should not compromise on speed and resources.......Basically I feel that ESS 5 uses more resources then ESS 4.......
  15. Okidoki2

    Okidoki2 Registered Member

    Yes, the same is the case here much more CPU load, and E-mail integration with IncrediMail
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  16. Janus

    Janus Registered Member

    Hello Eset :) , Could it be possible in the near future, that Eset will provide a expanded Eset Smart Security license that includes, ESET Mobile Security.
  17. Computer567

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    +1 on the suggestions to improve the core components of ESET SS. Like Kaspersky has done, instead of adding new things, consolidate and strengthen what ESET has, like firewall, detection and repair capabilities all the while keeping it lean and fast.
  18. SweX

    SweX Registered Member

    FYI. The core modules are being improved and updated automatically all the time.

    And afaik ESET haven't added new "things" under the recent years except in the latest V5, wich was needed to stand up against the competition. But several improvements were also made "under the hood" in V5.
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  19. RBG

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    these are some of my suggestions for future versions of eset smart security:

    1- Adding ESET watcher module is very important as a further layer of protection. Although it is considered a last protection layer, it is very important for rolling back harmful actions done by malicious programs.

    2- Re-adding update option to tray icon menu, which was found in previous version (4th).

    3- Adding programs whitelist for diminishing both hips and firewall messages.

    4- Adding an adblocker as an independent module or a part of parental control categories.

    5- More informative tray icon by giving one of the main three colors of the tray icon (green, yellow, red) to further events, like:
    >> Upon detecting untreated malware (e.g., by real-time scanner, on-demand scanning, http filter, ..) ------> the tray icon turns to RED color till the malice is completely removed.
    >> When the signature database of the program hasn’t been updated for more than three days ------> the tray icon turns to YELLOW color (outdated signature database).
    >> When the signature database of the program hasn’t been updated for more than seven days ------> the tray icon turns to RED color (obsolete signature database).

    6- Adding ESET Sandbox for safe internet surfing or suspicious programs executing.

    7- ESET Gadget is pretty thought for more interaction with system protection status.

    8- More anti-spam module options, like:
    >> The ability of determining the threshold of spam score.
    >> Adding some options for increasing the possibility of a message being spam, e.g.:
    -----> increasing spam possibility by adding main words that much found in unsolicited messages to a specified list.
    -----> increasing spam possibility by adding features that unsolicited messages characterized by to a specified list.

    9- Facilitating anti-spam module training by option that allows adding a group of messages from an email client and specifying it as spam or ham messages group to be used for the training process.

    10- Making ‘rescan quarantined files after every update’ popping up messages for restoring quarantined benign files after every update. I don’t know why this rescan option is found though it doesn’t notify user about restoring benign files that were previously detecting as malicious (or suspected) files!
  20. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    Hey RBG,
    I thought I would add some feedback about your suggestions.I hope you dont mind.
    1. I agree with this idea.

    2. I dont really miss that option.

    3. This is something I would like.

    4. I feel adblocker is out of the scope of ESS and that there are plenty of good ad blockers already,

    5. I agree with the first point. Plenty of other products nag about being outdated and it annoyed me. Eset products just update as soon as they can which I find better.
    6. Im not really a fan of sandbox since not all programs will work properly in that environment.
    7. I feel that desktop gadgets for security suites are just bloat and uneeded and I hope Eset doesnt waste there time on one.

    I havent used the antispam module so cannot comment on that.

    10. I feel that this would be a great idea.
  21. ESS3

    ESS3 Registered Member

    faster development of SysInspector. :)
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  22. xxJackxx

    xxJackxx Registered Member

    I like the idea but would rather see this at 1 and 2 days, not 3 and seven. You're already severely outdated at 3 days.

    As for the adblocker/sandbox/gadget things these are the kinds of bloat that cause me to be currently using this suite over other ones. Same goes for browser toolbars that get outdated faster than they get updated. I don't want any of that stuff. There are plenty of other products that offer those things if wanted.
  23. Pilgrim1

    Pilgrim1 Registered Member

    A big thumbsup on this statement. Why is it that so many software developers feel that by adding 'bloat' to their already excellent application(s) that they will increase their customer base? The fact is, most who truly appreciate applications that do what they are designed to do will abandon ship when 'bloat' is added. I'm one of those who doesn't find a Swiss Army knife to be that useful when all I need to do is cut something. :D
  24. BoerenkoolMetWorst

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  25. SweX

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    +1 :thumb: