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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by Pearl, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Pearl

    Pearl Registered Member


    I purchased Eset Smart Security on Nov.17th. I purchased it for two computers, two year plan.

    I did not have any problems installing Smart Security but I did not like the way the firewall was set up but it seemed to be doing it job so I really had no complaints.

    I restarted my computer this past Wednesday night because my computer was running a little slow (it does this when it has been on for days). That was the first time it had been restarted since installing Smart Security. But I didn't think about that at the time.

    When my computer comes back on, I cannot access the internet. I try resetting my modem (I have bellsouth dsl) and I reset my Linksys router, still no go.

    I call bellsouth and tell them I cannot access the internet and I'm on the line with them forever and they can't get me back online. The lady finally tells me to unhook Linksys router and hook up straight to the internet with my modem and I can't do that because I have MS and I'm unable to get down in the floor where my tower is and perform those functions. I tell her I will call back the next day (which is Thanksgiving) when my daughter is here to do the hooking up.

    The next morning I call bellsouth back and my daughter hooks my modem straight to the computer and still no internet service. The technician tell me to start my computer in safe mode and when I do that I've got internet service. They say they can't help me any further because there is something wrong at my end, not theirs.

    I then call Linksys and they try to help, still no service,

    I finally do a system restore point for 2 days prior, still no service, so I go back several days, back past the day that I installed Smart Security and BAM! I've got internet service.

    I did not learn my lesson from all that. I reinstall Smart Security (because it is not on my computer of course) and I have no problems.

    I just restarted my computer and I disabled the firewall before restart but when my computer came back up, no internet service. But when I looked the firewall was enabled again. I disabled the firewall and I can get on the internet now.

    I have sent a message and I've also called and left a message with Eset asking them for a downgrade. I can not use this firewall.

    I'm sorry this message is so long but I wanted to explain to everyone what I have went through with this firewall.

    Can anyone tell me why I would not be able to access the internet if the firewall is on?

    I am running windows xp

    Thank you,
  2. Pedro

    Pedro Registered Member

    I'm not familiar with ESS, but did you block svchost.exe ? If you did, allow it.
  3. Pearl

    Pearl Registered Member

    Thank you very much. I searched and searched and could find nothing about svchost.exe but I did find Generic host and it said allow but I clicked the + sign beside it and it dropped down and there was the svchost.exe and it said deny and I had to change a rule to allow.

    So I now have my firewall back on and I have internet access. I have always used Nortons firewall and have never had any problems with it. If there were certain ports that I wanted open or had to have open, I just set the rule and forgot it. Very easily.

    There is so much about this firewall I don't understand. I found a section that is recognizing a lot of my programs as web browsers and they are programs, not web browsers.

    Hopefully Eset will let me downgrade to just the AV and I will find an easier firewall.

    Thank you once again. You were a great help. :)

  4. Pedro

    Pedro Registered Member

    Glad i could help. :)
    If i were you i wouldn't give up on a program based on this alone. But i'm not you, so it's your preferences that count.

    There's a place in these forums often overlooked. Firewall Questions for beginners
    You could read it, it seems long but not that hard.
    For a quick read, skip to Stem's post, and see the first item "Dhcp client" - this is what you just allowed i think.
    See also DHCP - basically it automatically assigns your IP address.
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