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    FileChecker Network Version 1.7.2 has been released.

    This separate version is recommended for network administrators that wish to install FileChecker on their PCs.

    Many bugs were fixed and many new features were added (most only useful in a network environment). A full list of changes between the regular FileChecker version and the Network Version is available on the webpage:

    Some notable changes are the difference in pop-up alerts (also explained below) and the ability to include more information in SMTP alerts (such as the computer IP address and host name). Administrators can also configure FC Network Version to send the file that caused the alert as an attachment to SMTP alerts.

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    P.S. Please note that pop-up alerting in the network version is reduced (one alert per file incident, not per every attribute that is changed when a file is altered) and the alert itself only mentions that a possible intrusion may have occured. Full alerting details are still provided in the log, SMTP alerts, etc.

    P.P.S. An update of the regular FileChecker version is being worked on, but no date has been set for it yet.
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    Read the date of the post, which is more than 8 years ago.
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