FD 3.32 Still running good.

Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by pinso, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. pinso

    pinso Registered Member

    Hello folks, just want to give another accolade to FD- ISR although FD ISR is basically a System Recovery and i had left in between for a year or so: just didn't like the idea of a hidden image or a copy of a system and once i felt my system being quite laggy(actually few times) in a small fraction and i guess it was my machine getting used to the service running in the background.

    I believed in keeping my systemdrive to only one OS, and nothing more or less and that it would cut down my restore time and wouldn't cause any defrag problem. I restored to image made by another freeware and other shareware programes like Image for DOS and Clonezilla.
    But i still didn't like how my PC responded, may be its just my imagination or do anyone pay really close attention to how your PC behaves, but i would know it wouldn't be the same thing.

    But by FD, i really only have to switch to another snap and what do you know, crispy and snappy as it was at the beginning of the fresh install of the OS. And if that really messed up , restore the snap by the archieve of the snapshot and boot to it and use it as though it was as prestine in the first fresh install.

    Its really really good. I mean FD 3.32 not the Rescue version: i really can't believe why it doesn't have any archieve making feature or creating another at least one empty snapshot, good i didn't purchase any of the Rescue version i.e., Lite, Workstation or the Server edition.

    Folks is their any chance of Todd reviving this old product, it would be great if the new avatar had a feature of creating an archive and an empty snapshot (at least one: no would need 10 empty snapshot really). Then i would really dig my pocket and buy it, i never did like Rescue version thank god, it really is the next best thing after backed bread or whatever i mean FD 3.32.

    PS: Why why did FD Rescue and ISR die out so quickly: was it the price (expensive) or lack of archieve or snapshot creating feature.
  2. USAAlone

    USAAlone Registered Member


    Todd sold it to the company that sold FD-Rescue.
    They bought it to kill off the competition. Many dirty software
    companies do that. Todd sold all rights to FD-ISR when he sold it.

  3. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    Yeah, FDISR made you almost bullet proof, so I guess it was hurting the sales of other software.
  4. carfal

    carfal Registered Member

    Actually, I think you'll find that the technology used in FD-ISR is now used in the "other company's" SERVER based product.

    That's an endorsement to FD's robustness and stability wouldnt you say?

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  5. pinso

    pinso Registered Member

    Does anyone has any contact with Tood, is he planning for bring another avatar of this product line.

    Any talks behind the picture or any talks so far.
  6. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    I've been told that Tod sold the product and isn't going to do another one like it.
    I have recently installed Rollback Rx client edition as referenced above and find it does the job equally as well. It doesn't use disk space for the snapshots as FDISR did. It has a few short comings in that you have to uninstall it to do a defrag with your favorite defragger and possibly to do images. Although that's hotly debated. Then you re-install.
  7. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    The referenced above sever edition is an imaging program and not a snapshot program. It is not even a full fledged imaging program.

    Though Horizon DataSys sells it for $300 USD, the person who programmed it sells it for $12 USD for the members of this forum.

    In no way Rollback Rx is an replacement for FD 3.32.

    Best regards,

  8. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    The RB pictured above is the Server addition. I was referring to RBrx the snapshot client addition V9.1 which is much like FDISR which I used on my XP computer.
  9. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    The RB Server edition pictured above is an imaging program and not a snapshot program. It is not even a full fledged imaging program.

    As I mentioned earlier Horizon DataSys sells it for $300 USD, the person who programmed it sells it for $12 USD for the members of this forum. I bought it for $10 USD and am allowed to use it on all my nine computers at home.

    The RBrx client edition is a snapshot program, which takes snapshots in no time and has no resembles to FD.

    Best regards,

  10. ruinebabine

    ruinebabine Registered Member

    Hi King sir,
    are you thinking of Keriver Image or 1-Click Restore Pro ? Because IMO the first one, in particular, is "a full fledged imaging program". Can I ask what are the shortcoming you are thinking about here ? And if the RB Server edition is exactly the same as one of the two Keriver programs above what would be the missing feature(s) ? Note that I am more familiar with Image but I also use 1-CR Pro.

    I thing the main difference between them is that RBrx cannot store its snapshots on another partition or hard drive. (edit Rollback makes use of the MBR and is missing the "empty snapshot" feature.) But I never tried it as I am totally satisfied with my use of FD-isr on my 7x64 system.
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  11. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    Hi Ruinebabine,

    The RB Server is same as 1-Click Restore Pro. These two don't have any missing features. However in comparison to Keriver Image, the 1-Click Restore PRO is the baby brother of Keriver Image, and Keriver Image is a full fledged imaging program.

    The Drive Cloner Rx is same as Keriver Image.

    There is a confusion in post #4, that RB Server (1-Click Restore PRO) is using the FD technology. The RB Server and FD screens have similarity, but they are not the same technologies.

    The technologies of RBrx and FD are miles apart. There are not similar programs at all. FD is miles ahead than RBrx, and for this reason allows the snapshots to be stored on another partition or hard drive.

    Basically, FD makes a complete image where as RBrx puts a fence around the data and calls it's a snapshot.

    Kindest regards my friend,

  12. ruinebabine

    ruinebabine Registered Member

    Hi King of Rapture,

    Ok, understanding your stance now, and I can only agree on this !

    Nicely put and great sketch of the bigger difference between those two. Curious to know if you are running FD or had a chance to try it in the past... :) Personally I went from GoBack to FD-ISR 4 or 5 years ago (the Raxco's edition) and I am always amazed by this little piece of a technology. I don't know on what Todd could be working by now but if he is after some other novelties, he sure is able to deliver a lot.

    Thanks for your reply and have a good one.
  13. tradetime

    tradetime Registered Member

    Sadly mine just packed up one day, and has never worked since on a Vista machine, so I now rely solely on imaging once again. Still I guess imaing is the defacto bottom line anyway.
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