Ever tried these FREE anti-spyware programs?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by 10390bc, Apr 5, 2004.

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  1. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member


    Has anyone ever tried these FREE anti-spyware programs? Know if they are safe(don't contain spyware/adware ect...)and work alright? Any info about them would be most appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Spy Cleaner 8.0

    2. Bazooka adware & spyware cleaner

    3. Omniquad antispy

    4. Startup- mechanic (this one has other uses as well)

    All the above programs can be found at Download.com.
  2. Pieter_Arntz

    Pieter_Arntz Spyware Veteran

    Hi 10390bc,

    Of the programs you listed the only one I tried is:Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner which is a nice program for advanced computer users. It does not remove spyware, it just flags it and then points to their site with the relevant removal instructions.
    Some of which are excellent.


  3. dangitall

    dangitall Registered Member

    Of the four you've listed, I have Bazooka. It's perfectly safe, but keep in mind that it's 'only' a scanner - it won't fix anything. Kephyr's manual removal instructions I've found to be very easy to use and they work quite well.
  4. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    Hey I'll be the first to say I heard of 2 of the programs. I heard of Bazooka Adware and spyare and Startup-machanic. I tried Bazooka and Liked it. Now as for Startup Machanic, I haven't tried it yet. A friend of mine told me about it and she says she likes it.
  5. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    Thanks for the answers guys. Hope you like cookies. :D
  6. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    Juat to make sure we are talking about the same startup machine. Is this the one: http://www.startupmechanic.com/
    If so I've see this programs gui on another program before but I can't remember what one. Anyone know? ;)
    Here's a hint that I got from what user said about the program.
    "I just used System-Mechanic for the first time and it worked wonders on my machine.
    -Becky, US."
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  7. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    Yes Notageek, www.startupmechanic.com is the correct program i asked about.
  8. Comp01

    Comp01 Registered Member

    I might try bazooka (Just for the scanning part, as thats all it does anyways)
  9. Tassie_Devils

    Tassie_Devils Global Moderator

    Yes I have tried Bazooka for scanning... just to confirm if anything missed by SS&d and AdAware.. none so far.

    Re startupmechanic no, and that is nowhere near the System Mechanic which I have used which is a great program IMO.

    Here: http://www.iolo.com/sm/4pro/index.cfm
  10. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    Wow System Mechanic has change a little since the last time I used it.

    I did a search for Startup Mechanic to see what I could find on the prgram and I found this link here http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/remark,9786691~mode=flat
    Also find this with a search http://www.spychecker.com/program/startupmechanic.html
    And for people using Pop Peeker this might be a good link http://www.poppeeper.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=general;action=display;num=1079364600
    It might not look like System Mechanics but I have seen the gui somewhere. But anyway I went ans searched the website for System Mechanic and noticed there was not contact link or anything like that. I wouldn't use a program that did't have some sort of help. What if you run into a problem?
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  11. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member

    Hi Notageek,

    No probs with help and support on sys.mech.


  12. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    I would like to add I did a search for Omniquad antispy and came up to their home page nd it didn't say it was freeware. It said you have to pay $29.99 to get it. Plus id didn't see any info on when it was last updated.

    For those interested in trying spycleaner you can find it here http://www.spycleaner.net/
    Be aware that when I found the program at magor geeks and scrolled down to the bottom it said thast spyware cleaner is a 30 day trial.

    Hi Gerardwill. I was talking about startup mechnic not having any help or contct links.
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  13. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    Thanks for all the info Notageek :) I guess it's better to stay with Adaware & Spybot for the free spyware detectors. Everything else just seems to have a catch.
  14. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    You're welcome 1039bc. You can use Bazooka Spyware scanner with Adaware and Spybot S&D with any problems. I have used all 3 (not at once but had all 3 on my computer without any conflict, also ran them 1 at a time). Bazooka spyware scanner found a few things Adaware and spybot didn't. Don't forget to add Spyware guard and spyware blaster to your tools. ;)
  15. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    Actually Notageek, here's what i have for spyware so far:

    Pest Patrol




    IE spyad

    Spyware Blaster

    Spyware Guard

    Spy Sweeper





    But i am always looking for new programs that can help to fill in any areas i may have missed. :)
  16. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    Looks like you got the spyware/adware covered. ;)
  17. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    I'm not so sure Notageek. Take a look at this test done by Pcmag www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1524223,00.asp Notice how all the spyware detectors missed much of the adware/spyware/keyloggers ect...(they usually test them with just a few well known types of spyware/adware ect...)just think how well(or not) the spy detectors would do if someone tested them against 100 or more(like 1000) different pieces of adware/spyware ect... i'll bet they would do so bad most of the makers of the detectors would go out of business when the public found out how bad they really are at detecting this stuff. So i think they have a long way to go in properly detecting this crap. I would love to see such an indepth test done wouldn't you?
  18. Q Section

    Q Section Registered Member

    In the article from PC Magazine it was not mentioned if the Immunize function of Spybot S&D was already turned on prior to the infection and if all the settings and scans were set to maximum. Any review/article done like the one mentioned is not a good representative of a good test but merely just a casual mention of a program.

    A good review/article needs to spell out the testing parameters and then publish all the results. To unseat SpyBot S&D from first place it is necessary to conduct and publish a thorough and comprehensive test but until then......

    As always it is very good to be layered meaning to have multiple tools to detect and/or block/remove spyware.

    Be seeing you
  19. me

    me Registered Member

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  20. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    Hello Me.... or is it you....or....i feel like i'm talking to myself. Well you know.

    Thanks for the info on BHODemon. I am aware of this program, but Winpatrol & Spybot both allow one to disable BHO's. Maybe BHODemon works better, i'm not sure. I may still try it as i am a hopeless freeware junkie. :D

    Hi QSection

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying Spybot isn't good. I wouldn't be without it. I just think alot of the spyware scanners have a long way to go in detecting all the different forms of spyware/adware/keyloggers ect... One time i did test Spybot myself. I installed a free (junky) keylogger called Winspy (very basic keylogger) and Spybot couldnot detect it even though it is in it's list of detectable spyware. I plan on doing more tests myself on some of the different spyware detectors because like you said the tests done by Pcmag/Pcworld and the like are not very thorough.
  21. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    10390bc. Looks like spysweeper was the Editors' choice over there at pcmag.com. HMMM that's interesting. He gave Spycop a 1 dot. I would LIke to see someone that is indenpendent make a test result. I'm not saying anything about PCmag but I really don't trust alot that comes from them. That's just me though. I mean how did BPS get 1 more dot than spycop?
  22. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

    Yes Notageek
    It does seem rather strange that Spycop would get a 1 dot. But i think he(they) gave Spycop a 1 based on the fact that it doesn't do much other than detect keyloggers. IMO it really shouldn't have been in same tests as the others, if this was the case. I'm surprised he even bothered with BPS, i don't even consider that a spyware remover. Here's some other links to older tests (about a year old) done at Pcmag- www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,992435,00.asp and one done at Pcworld- www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,110654,00.asp With quite different results.
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  23. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    Thanks for the links I'll take a look at them.
  24. 10390bc

    10390bc Registered Member

  25. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    10390bd. I see you're using WP (Win Patrol) but have you ever tried SSM (system saftey monitor)? It's a good utilty that will let you know what program is trying to run. You can block programs that are trying to run that you don't want to.
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